Today's Opinions

  • A very, very sad Mac

    I just wanted to check my e-mail.

    I opened the door to my home office, waited until my three cats ran past me to get to their toys, sat down and clicked my computer mouse.


    The computer froze. No big deal. I'll just hit the power button and manually turn the computer off and restart.

    The familiar Mac startup chimes gave me comfort. Then ... nothing.

    A blue screen ... then black ... then blue again.

    Then, it happened. That darn little icon with a question mark ... and a sad Mac face. At this point, my face was sad, too.

  • Don't measure progress on Mondays

    Do you ever have those days when you wonder why you got out of bed? Monday was one of those days for me.

    It all started while I was making breakfast. First, I burned my hand on my stovetop espresso maker. No big deal, I thought. At least it woke me up. Then, I burned my pancakes. I ate 'em anyway. They were still better than those frozen things.

    When I got to work, later than usual and I'm not sure how that happened, things got worse.

  • Step up to the plate for our kids

    I dislike taxes as much as anyone, and when I think of the taxes that we are paying on the hospital, a tax that was supposed to be removed after they were out of debt, I get a little irritated.

    I get irritated because I keep reading about property and medical businesses outside of our county that the hospital board continues to purchase so they can continue to stay in debt, and continue to collect our taxes.

  • Support the schools

    I am writing concerning the 5 percent levy being sought by the Taylor County Board of Education. I understand that there are many people who are against it. I totally understand. The jobless rates are up, home foreclosures are up, morale (for many things) is down. Let's face it, the economy in our area, and everywhere else, is poor.

  • A new elementary school

    I write this letter with concern for the future of our Taylor County Elementary school children. Our children are depending on our county to recognize the great need for a primary building within the Taylor County School System.

  • Officials do a good job

    I would like to express my opinion about Campbellsville, as you know a lot of offices will be on the ballot.

    I believe for the last eight years I have seen Campbellsville come alive. I certainly give the credit to our officials now in office.

    I believe Mayor Brenda Allen has done a fantastic job, along with Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers. I'd like to commend Mayor Allen for our excellent police for they are young and have a fantastic leader in our Police Chief Dennis Benningfield.

    I don't mean to say other candidates can't do a good job. I'm sure they would try.

  • Liver has to be the devil's doing

    While out on my route the other day, I stopped at a diner that featured liver and onions for the lunch special, something I hadn't seen in a lot of years.

    Eating used to be so simple. A couple of eggs with grits, sausage, bacon or country ham in the morning with homemade biscuits. A quick hamburger or a bowl of chili at noon, and evening was your basic meat and potatoes.

  • What an imagination can do

    Ingenuity: The quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful.

    The ingenuity of today's kids amazes me.

    After watching the snow arrive Friday night, our kids kept walking outside to measure the accumulation. And on Saturday morning, the first question the kids asked when they woke was, "How much is there?"

    My husband simply pointed toward the window.

    The kids cleared the driveway and had some fun outside for a while, but it wasn't long before they begged to go to Miller Park for the "big" hills.