Today's Opinions

  • Community needs to do the right thing

    I am writing concerning the need for new schools in the Taylor County District.

    I am a retired teacher who spent 35 years teaching in the Taylor County District. I started in 1952 in a one-room school building. Mr. George Sapp was the superintendent.

  • Nickel tax must be supported

    Last week, Taylor County School Board members unanimously approved a resolution adopting an extra nickel tax.

    Predictably, opposition has arisen and petitions are circulating against the proposed tax. Ultimately, this issue may come before residents for a vote.

    In the meantime, we encourage open, rational and intelligent discussion with factual information provided from both sides. See the story on today's front page.

  • Rand will uphold Constitution

    The good people of Kentucky have the chance to re-affirm their understanding of why such wise men wrote the U.S. Constitution.

    As senator, Rand Paul will uphold these rights and not ignore them as my Senators Robert Casey and Arlen Specter have repeatedly done. It has taken me many years to fully appreciate Congressman Ron Paul.

    They say that apples don't fall far from the tree. If Rand is anywhere as principled as his father, his election to the Senate will be a gift to all of America.

    Joseph DuPont

    Towanda, Penn.

  • Support American Legion's efforts

    "WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!" Those four words are seen on signs, yellow ribbon magnets, bracelets, T-shirts, bumper stickers and other things. When you purchase one of these items, is any part of the cost going to actually provide anything for our military folks? Maybe so, maybe not.

  • Re-think donation

    I am writing in regard to the Jan. 14 issue of the News-Journal, which featured Campbellsville Christian Church and Greater Campbellsville United donating 400 pairs of socks total to inmates at the Taylor County Detention Center.

    I am originally from Campbellsville and had lived there my whole life until moving to Rineyville about four years ago.

  • Save your money for animals

    Each year, your newspaper runs a cute pet contest. People are asked to send money to you so you can "donate" a few newspapers to the high school.

    If your readers are tempted to vote, please resist and send money to help animals who are just as cute but not lucky to have a good home. Send your money to the humane society.

    Rhonda Philpott Nichols

    Bowling Green

  • Pizza out of my budget

    The utility company wants to raise their rates to what equals just one pizza a month. Cable wants to raise their rate to what equals just one pizza a month. The City adds a new occupational tax that equals just one pizza a month. The Taylor County School System wants to raise my taxes to what equals just one pizza a month.

    The company I work for has not given me a raise in six years.

    Sounds like I will have to give up pizza.

    Bobby Price



  • Helping a senior citizen

    Last Tuesday morning, I was going to the Baptist church to walk on their walking track. As I started to make a left turn into the parking lot, my car stopped running and I could not get it started again.

    While I was wondering what else to do, someone behind me blew their horn, so I rolled my window down and motioned for him to go around. Two cars passed and went on, but the third one stopped behind me.