Today's Opinions

  • It's amazing what we can do

    The challenge was given and the people of this community have stepped up in a major way. With your help, Audience 1 Sports was able to collect around 4,000 jars of peanut butter and more than 125 cases of water.

    Estimates show that there are between 14,000 and 18,000 jars of peanut butter and much more rice, beans, money and, most importantly, prayers. In total, 80,000 pounds and two semi trucks were loaded and on the way to Miami where they will board a vessel and travel to Haiti. Words cannot express how thankful each person involved with this drive are.

  • Our children, their future

    I am an exceptional child education teacher at Taylor County Elementary School. There are a lot of words being said about Taylor County building a new school and the tax. Let me give you a glimpse into our building.

    The old part of the elementary school was built in 1939. The middle part was built in 1954. Both of these sections were built with 1939 and 1954 materials and codes. Some of those materials are now illegal to use today.

  • Running our government

    There are many stories in the news about people protesting against legislation enacted by the federal government. People are angry at all of the spending and dramatic increase in the federal deficit. They are angry about the social policies that are a slap in the face to the values of the majority of this nation. And there are many other issues causing frustration against Washington.

  • In support of the Taylor County School levy

    I am writing this letter in support of the proposed levy for building a new high school and renovating the elementary school in the Taylor County School System.

    I have two children who attend Taylor County Elementary. I feel the elementary is in desperate need of renovation. From the leaking roof, the overcrowded classrooms and the outdated gymnasium to the lack of technology and the mold-infested walls and ceilings, I truly believe we can do better for the children of our community.

  • Kudos to City, County road crews

    Kudos to workers in the City and County road departments for their long, tiring hours of work during the recent snowstorm.

    While the rest of us were snug in our warm homes, they were out in the cold, salting and scraping the roads so we could get where we needed to go.

    Snow fell last Friday night nearly as fast as they could clear it, yet roads were still passable on Saturday.

    We appreciate your hard work!


  • Why not give it a try?

    Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Those are the code words these days. With the push in recent years to "go green" in order to save the nation's vital natural resources for generations to come, it's time we all started taking at least small steps to help the environment.

    And some have found it's not quite as hard as it might seem.

    If you don't already know, both the City of Campbellsville and Waste Management have recycling bins available.

  • Response to Harvey letter

    This letter is in response to C.D. Harvey's recent letter regarding the Taylor County School system and my father, James R. DeWitt.

  • 'Biggest Loser' challenge a good one

    Last September, I saw the ad in the CKNJ about the community wide "Biggest Loser" weight loss challenge. I had previously been in the Taylor Regional Hospital's weight loss contest in 2008 and had lost enough to win that challenge, so I knew if I could set my mind to it, I might be able to lose even more weight and possibly win this one also.