Today's Opinions

  • Bunning will be hard to replace

    During the past year or so I've been closely watching, along with the rest of the nation and world, the near-frantic attempts of the last and current administrations to overcome and correct the effects of our recession. After the wholesale bailouts of the financial institutions and Wall Street and the near-nationalization of our automotive industry, I figured that most of the changes had been wrought.

  • A nightmare that never ends

    Hate is a strong word, one I try not to use often. Still, I hate crooks. In light of today's shaky economic situations, it seems they are coming out of the woodwork.

    Being a reporter, I've written numerous stories about scam artists and identity theft. I know all of the signs. I'm already a bit paranoid, and hearing the horror stories only makes it worse.

    Then it happened to me.

    The charge appeared on my online bank statement two days before Thanksgiving. I knew it wasn't a charge I'd made as I'd never done business with this particular company.

  • Protect our Derby winners

    When a horse wins the Kentucky Derby, the jockey, trainer and owner get all the credit. The horse gets a place in the Kentucky Derby Museum.

    Everybody thinks that when the horses' racing days are over, they are retired to a picturesque pasture to live out the rest of their days.

    However, that was not the case of Ferdinand, winner of the 1986 Derby. He was sold to a Japanese breeder and when that owner was done with him, he was slaughtered in 2002.

  • Why have voting rights?

    When politicians are running for public office, they ask you to vote for them. However, when they get ready to put on another tax for you to pay, they don't even want you to be able to vote. They would rather cram it down our throat.

  • Gov. Beshear has it right

    Gov. Beshear has it right. When he heard legislators were discussing prison dining options, he wisely remarked, "I am not gonna spend one dime more for feeding convicted criminals that go out and burn a prison down than I have to. We need to be spending that dime and all the extra money we have on educating our kids and doing the other things that move this state forward."

  • Why I support the petition to recall the nickel tax

    Despite supporting the petition to recall the nickel tax approved by the school board several weeks ago, I'm not necessarily against raising taxes for our schools.

    I am, however, opposed to allowing a small group of elected officials increase our taxes without a full and thorough debate on the issue, even though by law they have the authority to do so. I think the voters in this county deserve to hear all sides of the issue, not just one side.

  • Mold at the elementary has nothing to do with a new athletics complex

    First of all, I doubt anyone is against a better education for our children. I also doubt anyone would not want a safe, healthy environment for our children and grandchildren.

    I have two grandchildren and two step-grandchildren attending the Taylor County School System. I also am not against sports. My daughter played basketball four years for TCHS. She is employed by the Marion County School System.

  • A hotbed for basketball

    The state of Kentucky, the city of Campbellsville and the county of Taylor are hotbeds for basketball.

    Campbellsville and Taylor County kept their boys' high school basketball seasons alive and advanced in post-season play to this week's Fifth Region Tournament at Nelson County.

    It was the Eagles' 22nd overall district boys' crown and the eighth since Tim Davis came to guide the Eagles before the 1995-96 campaign.

    During that 15-year span, the Eagles have made 10 trips to the Fifth Region Tournament.