Today's Opinions

  • Support the nickel tax

    I have heard about the Taylor County School Board passing the proposed nickel levy tax for us here in Taylor County that could possibly ensure our District with new school buildings. As a current student at Taylor County High School, I personally think this is a great idea and we need new school buildings for many reasons.

  • We are entitled to a democracy

    The citizens of Taylor County deserve and are entitled to democracy, the right to decide how to spend his/her money, in determining if new schools are needed in the Taylor County School System, instead of being (at our expense) limited to the dictating speeches, e-mails, letters and articles to the Central Kentucky News-Journal from our superintendent, board members, present and past teachers and retired "dignitaries."

  • Children need new schools

    The children of Taylor County are in desperate need of new schools. The principals, teachers, staff, maintenance crew and students have all dealt with mold, leaking roofs, drainage systems blowing out and sewage running everywhere, water backing up and running out of the restrooms, leaks from the ceilings when it rains, wind and rain blowing through the window sills and cracks in the walls, cold air coming through those cracks during winter, old wiring, breakers being thrown constantly, etc.

  • Will you help our students?

    Did you know there are math problems in today's newspaper? What about a language arts quiz? Or a science or social studies project in the making?

    Well, local teachers have known this for years. That's why many are firm believers in the Newspapers In Education program, a worldwide initiative that promotes the use of newspapers in the classroom.

    Educators say using the newspaper in their classrooms provides a real-world connection that is motivating and adds real-life dimension to their classrooms.

  • Your life is important to us!

    Your life is important. That's why a group of local people has made saving your life a priority.

    Arrive Alive Taylor County, the community traffic safety team that has made saving the lives of Taylor Countians its focus, has begun its 2010 campaign.

    In the coming months, residents in the community will hear more about Arrive Alive Taylor County. The group includes representatives from the hospital, rescue, law enforcement, media, local schools, the state Transportation Cabinet, alcohol and drug awareness agencies and more.

  • Not what we asked for

    As early as this week, our elected officials in Washington will take a health care vote that would devastate small business. Not only does the plan spend $900 billion that we don't have, but it's paid for on the backs of small business.

    This is not the reform small business asked for - we need reform that lowers our health care costs, and the bill Congress is trying to jam through simply does not do that.

  • Bunning will be hard to replace

    During the past year or so I've been closely watching, along with the rest of the nation and world, the near-frantic attempts of the last and current administrations to overcome and correct the effects of our recession. After the wholesale bailouts of the financial institutions and Wall Street and the near-nationalization of our automotive industry, I figured that most of the changes had been wrought.

  • A nightmare that never ends

    Hate is a strong word, one I try not to use often. Still, I hate crooks. In light of today's shaky economic situations, it seems they are coming out of the woodwork.

    Being a reporter, I've written numerous stories about scam artists and identity theft. I know all of the signs. I'm already a bit paranoid, and hearing the horror stories only makes it worse.

    Then it happened to me.

    The charge appeared on my online bank statement two days before Thanksgiving. I knew it wasn't a charge I'd made as I'd never done business with this particular company.