Today's Opinions

  • Sending the wrong message

    I was shocked to read the article by Emily Combs, a teenager. It just goes to show what some of our young people think and believe. How can you be a believer in God and stand by while an innocent child is murdered in the womb of the mother?

    Two weeks ago, I attended the funeral of a 19-week-old baby, born dead, tiny face, hands and body. Beautiful. I asked myself, "How can anyone kill these innocent babies?"

  • Tax is the right thing

    I have heard that Taylor County has just recently passed the proposed nickel levy tax for the citizens of Taylor County. If this will mean new schools, then I am up for it. With new schools constructed, this would help the students with their learning experience throughout their journey in elementary through high school.

    There are many reasons why building new schools would benefit the students.

  • Don't ignore the investment

    Taylor County residents, I've been to your schools. Your staff is good. Your students are precious. Your facilities are less than they deserve. I'm sorry for that.

    Weigh $50 more or less per year for a luxury or for enhanced student opportunities. Check others who have done it, and you will see the future that begins to flourish. Don't continue to ignore this potential investment.

    "Every child, every day" is worth it.

    James C. Milam


  • Thanks to C&S volunteers

    Thank you for the excellent feature story on the C&S Mission Store published March 15. In addition to Lucille St. Clair and Chester Wise, who have served so well for 21 years and 27 years, respectively, many other volunteers have also given their time to help provide services to hundreds of people who have found real bargains at this fine store.

    Those other volunteers include the following persons who deserve much credit: John Fay, Peter Arnett, Bobby Price, Ruby Sears, Pat Hash, Pat Reff, Charlene Hughes, Eula Buck, Margaret Taylor and Monica Price.

  • We made the right decision

    A special thank you to Charles T. Hedgespeth!

    In your letter, "We are entitled to a democracy," you stated that a highly helpful, qualified professional can teach strategies and skills for living in society as long as supplies and the environment are conducive to good learning.

  • A case for the future

    For those who might have missed it, Monday's issue of the News-Journal included a story about the Kentucky Supreme Court's ruling on two lawsuits - one filed in 2003 and the other in 2004.

    The lawsuits, filed by Taylor County resident Katherine Moss against both Campbellsville Independent and Taylor County school systems, were settled and dismissed in 2007 - but the terms of the settlement were kept secret.

    And that's against the law.

  • Shaving for a cure

    Whether it's through a parent, a spouse, a child, a grandparent, a friend or even ourselves, cancer will reach out its deadly hand and touch us all. And that's why we should all be concerned with research into its cure.

    What could have once killed us, is now treatable, thanks to research.

    And that's what gives us hope.

    As the second leading cause of the death in the United States, cancer will affect all too many of us. We each have a risk - experts say half of all men and a third of all women will be diagnosed with some form of the disease.

  • Will we finally see changes to Topix?

    I read recently with great interest about Attorney General Jack Conway asking those involved with Topix to provide information about how they investigate abusive and just plain mean comments posted on its site.

    I'm sure by now everyone knows what Topix is ... it's a site where people can go to post comments about whatever they want. And they can do it anonymously, which can be a good thing ... but also a very bad thing when people don't use this power responsibly.