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  • 'You've come a long way, baby'

    Thirty-some years ago, half of America's families consisted of a dad who worked and a mom who stayed home to raise the children.

    Today, that number is just 20 percent.

    How incredibly our families have changed in my lifetime.

    "The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation," a recent report by the Center for American Progress and Maria Shriver, looks at American women and how their careers have changed the nation.

    It's certainly food for thought, actually putting details, statistics and reasoning to things I've taken for granted all of my adult life.

  • There are always alternatives

    The "Insight" page article written by Taylor County teens is always interesting, and it is such a good opportunity for the writers to share their opinions.

    While I certainly respect her right to her own beliefs, it seems unfortunate that the writer of "A Woman's Choice" did not do more research for her article in the March 29 edition of the CKNJ.

  • The courage to speak out

    Congratulations to Emily Combs. You presented an insightful opinion in your article, dated Monday, March 29. You have learned your history well and had the courage to form your opinion and tell it in public. I can only imagine what you might be experiencing with this community's strong influence with regard to religion.

  • Babies have souls, too

    In response to Emily Combs' article "A Woman's Choice," I would like to offer the following. I applaud your public claim to believe in God. However, I must point out several errors in your argument.

  • Some real facts

    There is so much I want to say in regard to Emily Combs' article in the Monday, March 29 Insight section entitled "A Woman's Choice" that I'm just going to leave it at giving you some real facts to compare your "history lesson."

    According to Gary Bergel's "When You Were Formed in Secret," Geraldine Lux Flanagan's "The Marvelous Journey from Conception to Birth," Janet L. Hopson's "Fetal Psychology" and the National Right To Life organization, from the first 20 weeks on:

  • News-Journal guilty of child abuse

    Your March 29 News-Journal contains the highly inaccurate inflammatory article entitled "A Woman's Choice" by a minor child named Emily Combs. The article contains so many falsehoods it would be easier and faster to point out the one correct statement that Miss Combs makes, "Taking away a woman's right will not stop abortion."

  • Sending the wrong message

    I was shocked to read the article by Emily Combs, a teenager. It just goes to show what some of our young people think and believe. How can you be a believer in God and stand by while an innocent child is murdered in the womb of the mother?

    Two weeks ago, I attended the funeral of a 19-week-old baby, born dead, tiny face, hands and body. Beautiful. I asked myself, "How can anyone kill these innocent babies?"

  • Tax is the right thing

    I have heard that Taylor County has just recently passed the proposed nickel levy tax for the citizens of Taylor County. If this will mean new schools, then I am up for it. With new schools constructed, this would help the students with their learning experience throughout their journey in elementary through high school.

    There are many reasons why building new schools would benefit the students.