Today's Opinions

  • MTV ... not just music anymore

    I grew up a part of the MTV generation, watching music videos of celebrities we all wanted to be like.

    But over the past 20 years, the "Music Television" channel changed drastically. No more does the channel feature what it was originally created for - to show music videos. A recent redesign of the channel's trademark MTV logo took away the words "Music Television," which saddened me and countless others.

  • Is it really worth it?

    Every day I make 3,000 new friends. In return for their friendship, I give them all a complete makeover.

    I turn their teeth and nails a nice shade of putrid yellow. I give them a stylish pair of black lungs, some "knock 'em dead" breath, and to top it off I provide a fashionable set of wrinkles that will always make them look old.

    Every year 440,000 people die because of their friendship with me. The strange thing is that despite all these changes I make, many still want to be my friend.

    Who am I you, ask? I am a cigarette.

  • April is National Donate Life Month

    If you could save someone's life, would you? Most of us would, if given the opportunity, which is exactly what choosing to be an organ donor does.

    With more than 106,000 Americans awaiting a life-saving organ transplant and hundreds of thousands more waiting for a cornea or tissue transplant, please consider joining the Kentucky Donor Registry.

  • Right and wrong? Or, right and right?

    Imagine this scenario, if you will: You are a juror in a court of law trying to decide whether the man on trial is guilty of murder or not guilty of murder. Two experts have taken the stand with two opposing opinions about a partial fingerprint. One expert asserts his opinion that the partial fingerprint definitely belongs to the man on trial, while the other expert asserts his expert opinion that it is not. Are they both right? Can the fingerprint be both the man's and not the man's?

  • Not the proper place

    After countless hours of mowing, weed eating, tilling, planting and picking up the winter debris, I went to bed exhausted but very pleased with how my neighborhood appeared.

    This morning, I awoke and was relishing in the budding trees, blooming dogwood and pears and crabapples, the green grass, the little peas just poking their heads above the ground. The last of the daffodils are fading, but the narcissus and the dandelions are in full bloom.

  • Wishing the new was old

    It's a phrase I use often. "I wish we had things like this when I was younger."

    I said or thought those words recently while looking at the technology at students' fingertips at Campbellsville Independent and Taylor County schools.

    And I was definitely thinking it when I began to delve into the new credit card rules a few weeks ago while preparing for a story.

  • County could do away with incinerator

    This letter is in reply to the CKNJ March 11 article, "Court Buys New Incinerator for Shelter."

    "The Taylor County Animal Shelter will soon get a new incinerator ... the new incinerator has been guaranteed to give off no odor or smoke. [Shelter Director John] Harris said that the shelter uses its incinerator an average of once to twice a week."

    Please think about how many dogs and cats are put in the incinerator if it is used once or twice a week.

  • Nickel levy would fund new buildings

    It has come to my attention that with the newly proposed nickel levy, the Taylor County School District would be able to fund new school buildings. I'm sure many people are in opposition to more taxes, but I firmly believe that we need new schools.

    I'd like to share with you the reasons that I support this taxation.

    The No. 1 reason I give my support is my experience with our computer lab. T-Card Academy, at the beginning of the year, was paired with the students who had been placed in alternative school. Later on, those students got moved across the hall.