Today's Opinions

  • 4-H Dairy Club thanks

    The Taylor County 4-H Dairy Club would like to thank the following people and businesses for helping make the Kentucky State 4-H Dairy Cow Camp a tremendous success.

    Acclerated Genetics, American Legion, Arnold Feeds, Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Burkmann Feeds, Chaney's Dairy Barn, Cox Shaving Inc. and Jim Noe, Creek Side Restaurant, Crossroads Animal Hospital, Dairy Farmers of America, Dairy Marketing Service, Hammerhead Cattle Co. and Dr. Randy Smoot,

  • A letter of sadness

    It is with great sadness I am writing this letter. On the night of May 7, someone stole two of my parents' Yorkshire terriers. It takes a cruel and heartless person to take these precious dogs from their loving home.

    Hopefully, the conscience of the person(s) who took these dogs will kick in and they will return them. I don't know if they were perhaps used as Mother's Day gifts or sold for drug money. Regardless, they need to be returned to their rightful home.

    A missing dog ad is listed in this edition of the New-Journal.

    Ashley Silas


  • Correcting misinformation

    The proposed nickel tax is a popular topic of conversation in our community. The Campbellsville Independent School District has chosen not to make any public statements concerning this because, quite simply, it is not our referendum.

    However, due to recent incorrect allegations, I now find it necessary to clarify the misinformation in a public manner.

  • Deadline is tomorrow For candidate endorsement letters

    The Central Kentucky News-Journal welcomes letters on a variety of topics, including letters about political races and candidates.

    We anticipate there will be letters written supporting and possibly criticizing candidates. If you support a candidate, write and tell our readers the reasons why. If there’s a candidate you don’t particularly like, you can write about that, too.

    Use good taste and don’t libel anyone. You can say what you believe, but personal attacks or allegations that cannot be verified will not be accepted.

  • Score one for decency?

    I've got a real problem with anonymity. There are occasions when someone should remain anonymous, but Internet message boards isn't one of them.

    I know, I know. The News-Journal allows anonymous comments on its Web site. For the record, I don't like that either.

    Something about going online under the cover of darkness brings out the worst in people. Or perhaps anonymity allows people to reveal their true nature.

  • School system lacks space

    The Taylor County School System has been suffering from a lack of space ever since I can remember. When I was in elementary school, teachers were already having to use storage closets for classrooms and some even wheeled a cart around from class to class. Everyone was always crammed and classrooms were full of chaos. This situation continued to get worse as I got older.

  • Applauding petition committee

    I see that the "nickel tax" is slated to appear on the ballot some time in the near future, perhaps at a special election on June 22, or later on the General Election ballot in November.

    Whichever the date, it is as it should be - with the electorate of the county deciding whether to effect a tax on themselves.

  • School is overcrowded

    Being a junior at Taylor County High School, I have found it very hard to make it to class on time due to overcrowded hallways. Classrooms are also overcrowded and some students have to share a desk with others. It is even hard to eat lunch with your friends because the lunchroom is very small, with very few tables.

    These are just a few of the problems that are taking place at Taylor County High School that need to be corrected.