Today's Opinions

  • From murder to the Depression

    Murder, symbolism and mysteries were the topics at the April 18 meeting of the CKNJ Bookmarks reading group.

    Several of us - including four new visitors - discussed the group's most recent book choice, "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown.

    For Dan Brown fans, "The Lost Symbol" has more of all the suspense, mystery and puzzles that he has become known for. There are also several unexpected twists and turns.

    Next up on the Bookmarks' reading list is "Rainwater" by Sandra Brown.

  • Voting: It's our right ... and our responsibility

    We're down to the wire now. Tuesday is Primary Election Day. Are you ready to make the best choices?

    When we vote, it's important to ask ourselves two vital questions:

    -- Have I examined all the issues I feel are most important and learned where each candidates stands?

    -- Am I truly voting for the candidate I believe will do the best job?

    Go vote. It's as simple as that.

  • For all the 'Golden' girls

    "A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."

    -Eleanor Roosevelt

    I've been faithfully watching "The Golden Girls" reruns on the Hallmark and WE tv channels lately. I absolutely love the show.

    With Rose's naïve innocence, Blanche's undying affection for the opposite sex, Dorothy's quick wit and Sophia's Sicily stories and hilarious one-liners, there's always some dialogue to make me laugh and appreciate the close friends in my life.

  • Support the Relay for Life

    Just as the effects of a challenging economy are felt by families in every community, cancer, too, has a far-reaching impact. No matter how the stock market is performing or what the current unemployment rate may be, there are still many people battling a cancer diagnosis and many others who are lending support alongside loved ones every day.

    These realities make the dollars donated and volunteer hours devoted to the American Cancer Society - a part of Taylor County for many years - critically important.

  • Vote for Rogers

    I want to endorse Eddie Rogers for re-election as Taylor County Judge/Executive. I have both seen and heard how much Eddie cares about the people of Taylor County. Eddie is always willing to listen to his constituents and is constantly directing his activities to the betterment of the community.

    You can judge the character of a man by his willingness to help others when he stands little to gain. Eddie Rogers is that kind of civic minded and unselfish person.

    John Poythress



  • Support the nickel tax

    The Taylor County School Board has recently passed a nickel levy tax for the people of Taylor County. Despite the various benefits that will be produced because of this, some people are still against the levy.

    Most of these people have not seen firsthand the necessity of a new school building. I am currently a junior and most likely will not experience the new school, but I can tell you how these changes would have enhanced my high school education.

  • Constables under fire yet again

    In the May 10 News-Journal, Taylor County constables came under fire again, stemming from the Taylor Fiscal Court's Law Enforcement Committee. We do have a response.

    First, why are we never asked to be at any of the meetings? From what we can understand, we are part of the committee, according to Kentucky Revised Statutes. But we are never notified. We have asked on two occasions as to when a meeting is and are told, "They are not scheduled, they are called." This was information we received in June and August.

  • Taxpayers' right to vote

    On Feb. 9, the Taylor County School Board members unanimously voted to impose a nickel tax on the property owners of Taylor County. This proposed tax would have become effective within 45 days.

    As a result of this action, and in accordance with law, a committee consisting of five members was formed to circulate a petition to recall the nickel tax.

    The one and only purpose of the petition was to ensure that registered voters of the Taylor County School District would have a voice as taxpayers.