Today's Opinions

  • KUDO: Crusade for Children

    Taylor Countians continue to step up in tough times.

    This past weekend's Crusade for Children drive raised nearly $31,000. Although that number was down from last year's $38,000, it's still a significant amount in this time of economic hardship.

    Considering the fact that firefighters didn't go door to door this year, that makes the effort even more impressive.


  • It's your time to shine, graduates

    This week and next mark the official end of childhood for area high school seniors. They'll be considered "grownups" now.

    Sure, they have the summer to look forward to ... sunny days at the lake, sleeping late, last gatherings with their friends, but, for many, the dog days of summer are the last of the carefree times.

    Adulthood is now staring them in the face.

  • To heck with good grammar

    "Not even a school teacher notices bad grammar in a compliment."

    After lunch the other day with my husband, I opened a fortune cookie with that message inside. And, for some reason, that message kept popping back to mind throughout the rest of the day.

    Here at the News-Journal, we regularly receive complaints that run the gamut between not enough coverage all the way to too much of it. But in the past couple of weeks, several readers have taken the time to send us compliments.

    Maybe that's why the fortune cookie message stuck in my mind.

  • Should this be the end of American Idol?

    I'm disappointed. I used to love the show and set my schedule around it. I watched every Tuesday and Wednesday, without fail. There's so much about American Idol I love.

    It gives the average person a chance at stardom. It makes "Crystal Bowersox" a household name.

    It makes Andrew Garcia's interpretation of "Straight Up" a well-Googled phrase and a YouTube phenomenon.

    For those like me who love ... love ... music, this show is like going into a candy store with no possibility of diabetic shock.

    But, as I said, I'm disappointed.

  • UK fan takes offense

    In response to [Casey County News Staff Writer] Larry Rowell's guest editorial column in the Thursday edition of the News-Journal "Cal's Cats score, but not in the classroom," I would like to make the following comments.

  • Head Start thanks

    Taylor County Head Start had its end of celebration on June 4 at Veterans Memorial Park. On behalf of the children and families and staff, we would like to thank the following community businesses for their continued support:

  • Texting in an ambulance is wrong

    My daughter was in the April 18 crash at KY 210 and KY 744. I'm writing because I want to be sure that this ambulance driver never does this again.

    My daughter's boyfriend rode in the front of the ambulance. He saw the ambulance driver texting while driving them to the hospital in the middle of the night.

    Not only did that put our children's lives at risk again, it put the ambulance people and any drivers on the road at risk, considering how fast they usually travel.

  • Goodbye, Campbellsville

    Six years ago I moved my family to Campbellsville. Our Bishop had appointed me to serve as the pastor of First United Methodist Church. At that time my wife Debbie and I had two children, Ariel and Alexander. Ariel was ready for seventh grade and Alexander had not learned to walk yet.