Today's Opinions

  • Celebrate our youth achievements

    We are nearing the time where many young people will celebrate a lifetime of accomplishments as they graduate from high school and move toward their life goals. Family and friends will gather together for a festive occasion to commemorate this awesome milestone.

    Traditionally, this is also a time when alcohol enters into the mix and brings tragic results for all involved. Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among American youth and it kills 5,000 teens every year.

  • Post Office deserves thanks

    Thanks to Campbellsville Post Office carriers and employees for the successful food drive on May 8. Thanks to all the people in Campbellsville and Taylor County for giving 12,350 pounds of food and $400 in donations.

    Thanks to Roy Abbott, carrier of Route 6, who brought in the most pounds of food.

    This drive is always a great boost to the food pantry. May God continue to bless us all as we care for others.

    Marietta Moyers

    Food pantry coordinator

    Taylor County Ministerial Association



  • Dogs, cats deserve loving homes

    According to a recent Associated Press-Petside.com poll, most people plan to get their next animal companion from a shelter instead of a pet store or breeder.

    Why are so many people opting to adopt? Shelters everywhere are overflowing with healthy, loving dogs and cats of every size, shape, age and personality. Most shelters have adoption counselors available to help match prospective guardians with the perfect animal for their lifestyle, activity level and experience.

  • TCMS eighth grade thanks

    On behalf of the Taylor County Middle School eighth grade parents and grandparents, we wish to thank the following people and businesses for your support of the eighth grade celebration at Phillips Lanes on May 21.

  • Church says 'thanks'

    We would like to say "thanks" to everyone who attended our annual fish fry and gospel singing this year at Camp Acton. Because of you, this fund raising event raised more than $1,600. This money will be used throughout the year to help others in the community. Last year we raised more than $1,200. That money was used to support the local food pantry ($900) and meet any immediate needs in our community, such as assisting people with utility bills, groceries, medications and any other temporary needs.

  • Find out what Paul stands for

    Well, it did not take the usual suspects too long to start bad mouthing Dr. Rand Paul.

    As soon as he won the primary, they started in on him, distorting his positions and trying to make him seem like he is a loony toon. Even Gov. Steve Beshear had to get in on the act.

    You have to ask yourself why both the established Republicans and the far left Democrats don't want him in office. It is quite simple, this man actually believes in the Constitution of the United States. What a novelty in an elected official.

  • Students deserve best of the best

    You've heard the old saying, "Knowledge is the key to power." I believe this statement to be true. Education is a key that can be essential to achieve the American Dream. Each of us has the desire to be successful and content in our lives. A good solid education can only be enhanced by a fine facility, updated technology, efficient teaching methods and a larger space for students. A new school building would meet these needs for future generations to come.

  • Nurses say thank you

    We at Taylor Regional Hospital would like to take this opportunity to give our sincere thanks to the following people and businesses for their donations and support during Hospital Week with our Nurse of the Year/Nurse Extender of the Year and Blessing of the Hands programs: