Today's Opinions

  • Principal supports the tax

    1/16th of a percent ... just 1/16th of a percent! Not 5 percent like some folks are saying, not 4 percent like others, but 1/16th of a percent. I know that any part of a percent is a sacrifice; however, we, as a community, can address overcrowding at all three schools as well as the sub-standard conditions at Taylor County Elementary School for just 1/16th of a percent.

    I know what some of you might be thinking as you have looked at the close of this letter. The elementary principal would, of course, support this effort. He has to ... he's the principal for goodness sake.

  • A vision for the future

    As we look forward to the nickel levy special election on June 22, I want to recognize and thank the individuals who were instrumental in the building of schools in the Taylor County School District. These collective boards saw the need and benefits of new school buildings.

    The old high school, currently part of the existing elementary school, was built in 1939. It was a much needed building and many students have walked the halls of this building.

    Board members were S.M. Richardson, S.B. Coppock, O.L. Stone, Ernest Skaggs and E.T. Dabney.

  • Support the nickel tax

    I attended the called meeting and the scheduled meeting of the Taylor County School Board recently to learn the details concerning the local upcoming election concerning the "nickel" tax. I feel I was rewarded in that all my questions were answered to my satisfaction and I came away knowing much more than the rumors and hearsay had provided me.

  • What has happened?

    The citizens of Taylor County have elected school board members and local and state officials in good faith to provide good, well-maintained schools for our children in a timely and prudent manner. We need good schools. We need good leaders. And we need to keep our schools repaired and well maintained. We citizens pay local, state and federal taxes to support and ensure that we provide for the education of our children.

  • Fair a good deal for fun

    The sound of children laughing, bells ringing, music playing ... the smell of popcorn, cotton candy, hamburgers and lemonade.

    Now that it's back in full swing, the Taylor County Fair continues to get bigger and better.

    We can only imagine all the volunteer hours required to put together a week of activities like this.

    This past Saturday marked the first events for this year's fair with the youth and adult horse shows. So far this week, we've had several beauty pageants - with many more to come.

  • KUDO: Crusade for Children

    Taylor Countians continue to step up in tough times.

    This past weekend's Crusade for Children drive raised nearly $31,000. Although that number was down from last year's $38,000, it's still a significant amount in this time of economic hardship.

    Considering the fact that firefighters didn't go door to door this year, that makes the effort even more impressive.


  • It's your time to shine, graduates

    This week and next mark the official end of childhood for area high school seniors. They'll be considered "grownups" now.

    Sure, they have the summer to look forward to ... sunny days at the lake, sleeping late, last gatherings with their friends, but, for many, the dog days of summer are the last of the carefree times.

    Adulthood is now staring them in the face.

  • To heck with good grammar

    "Not even a school teacher notices bad grammar in a compliment."

    After lunch the other day with my husband, I opened a fortune cookie with that message inside. And, for some reason, that message kept popping back to mind throughout the rest of the day.

    Here at the News-Journal, we regularly receive complaints that run the gamut between not enough coverage all the way to too much of it. But in the past couple of weeks, several readers have taken the time to send us compliments.

    Maybe that's why the fortune cookie message stuck in my mind.