• Heroin a serious problem in Taylor County

    As some already know, there’s a highly addictive illicit drug, heroin, in our community. If this brings to mind scenes from some large city, think again.

    Ask our local officials, law enforcement or your health care provider and they will confirm there has been a dramatic increase in the use of this dangerous drug.

    Why the increase in heroin you might ask? Of course, there’s never a simple answer to a drug problem, but there’s two possible thoughts on this.

  • Church group thanks city counicl member

    We, as a Sunday school class at Green River Memorial Baptist Church, would like to commend councilman Stan McKinney for taking a stand against the sale of alcohol on Sundays or anything that promotes or encourages the use of alcohol.

    We hope our other county and city leaders will follow his choice.

    Thank you, Stan McKinney! We need more Christian leaders like you.
    Grace Wilson
    Pat Marcum
    Norma Jean Rogers
    Betty Stearman


  • Resident upset about Taylor superintendent's contract

    Can the taxpayers of Taylor County afford to give Roger Cook a $40,000 increase in his salary? No superintendent in the Taylor County school system has ever come close to $160,000 per year salary.

    Mr. Davis, the board chairman, said it was not an increase of $40,000, but any way you add it up, the difference between $160,000 and $120,000 is $40,000, according to my Taylor County school education. I think if Mr. Cook were to ask Mr. Davis to jump over Niagara Falls in a barrel, he would run for the Canadian border.

  • March is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Kentucky

    If you follow the headlines, you know that sexual abuse happens. It happens often and close to home. This reality can be overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that sexual abuse can be prevented when all community members play our part.

    March is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Kentucky, and this March, communities across the state are standing up for sexual assault prevention by proclaiming “It’s time ... to talk about it!”

  • Senator appreciates participation at community legislative meeting

    I was honored to join Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers, Rep. John “Bam” Carney, R-Campbellsville, many other elected officials and members of the community for the standing room only Legislative Coffee event on Jan. 17 in Taylor County.

    As elected officials, hearing the concerns of our constituents is vital to us as we weigh a wide range of important issues, both locally and at the state level.

  • Support pro life

    Each January, we remember with sadness the day the Supreme Court handed down legislation that legalized abortion on demand in the historic cases known as Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

    Since then almost 56 million human babies have been brutally killed, torn apart limb by limb with surgical tools. Today and every day in the United States, more than 3,000 babies will be deprived of their right to life as they are murdered in their mother’s womb.

  • City responds to EMS letter

    The mission of the Campbellsville/Taylor County Emergency Medical Service and the Campbellsville Police CPD Communications Center, E-911, is to provide prompt and technically competent emergency medical service to the citizens and visitors of Campbellsville and Taylor County. The women and men who serve in this capacity live up to their mission every day.

  • Reader not pleased with EMS

    My name is Danny Sprowles. On Dec. 28, I was awakened by my wife, who couldn’t breathe. I called 911 and gave my address and the call went to Taylor County Rescue Squad. They transferred me to Lexington then to LaRue County, who sent an ambulance.

    My wife died. I live on the LaRue County line, nine-tenths of a mile over the line. So if you have an emergency, don’t depend on them to go to the county your house is in.

  • Can God exist?

    In the wake of yet another school shooting, several questions are being asked.

    Are current gun laws adequate? Shouldn't clues of the perpetrator's intentions have been noticed by family and friends? Are our schools' security policies adequate?

    But some ask, "Does God even exist?"

    After all, if God is a righteous and loving God, how could he allow something as heinous as the murder of innocent children?

  • Adanta reminds public that mental health help is available

    In the moment and the aftermath of the most horrific tragedy involving innocent children and their teachers last week in Connecticut, my heart is saddened, as I am sure our community members’ hearts are. The Adanta Group Community Mental Health Center offers our deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims and the entire community of Newtown, Conn.