• I deserve a tip just like a waitress

    What are people thinking?

    Since the job availability in Campbellsville isn't the best right now, I have taken a job that I did back in high school. I am back in the delivery business.

    This is what I do not understand. When you sit down at a restaurant and you have a waiter or waitress bring your food and drinks, you wouldn't just leave without leaving them some compensation for all their hard work.

  • Lunsford can't get his facts straight

    After a recent visit to Richmond, Bruce Lunsford made a serious campaign mistake when he referred to Eastern Kentucky University as a satellite campus of the University of Kentucky. Initially, I was shocked by Lunsford's ignorance about our state's universities. But, then again, what do you expect from a guy who lives in Arizona and Chicago most of the time?

  • Trace Creek needs to play by the rules

    I would like to start this letter with a "Great Job" to all of the 7- and 8-year-old girls on all of the teams.

    Trace Creek Girls' Softball general rules were made to be broken or at least some don't have to follow them if it benefits certain others. Anyone that went to the Web site and read the rules will notice the first rule was broken.

  • Will the Senate preserve Medicare beneficiaries' access to care?

    In a few days, the United States Senate will consider legislation to preserve access to quality, affordable and timely health care services for our nation's seniors. As our Senators consider how they will vote on this important legislation, I ask them to keep in mind that patients and physicians are the central tenets of the Medicare program - one cannot function without the other. It is my sincere hope they will choose our state's seniors and disabled and not the special financial interests of the insurance industry.

  • Why not enforce turn signal law

    Several weeks ago, I asked why the turn signal law is not enforced. The answer that I got was definitely a non-answer.

    If it's a matter of "habit," then start enforcing the law so that it becomes a habit. The seat belt law is being enforced and, to me, it is of much less importance than turn signals.

    How many times have you been in traffic and had the car in front of you make an unexpected turn, unexpected because he did not indicate that he planned to turn?

    Martha Berry


  • Election coverages uncovers corruption

    One-hundred tons of thanks to the news media for its coverage of the national Presidential elections. They have showed the voters of America just how crooked the voting system in a national election is, and then the politicians have the audacity to tell us that our vote counts.

    If we could just have one national election, and no one voted for the incumbent, then all we would have to do is sit back and watch how fast things change in Washington for the people.

    Cliff Barker

    Morehead, Ky.

  • Take education off the back burner

    I am not a resident of Taylor County, but I have worked in this county since I was 18. Saying that, I feel that I have some interest in what goes on in this community. I am writing this letter concerning the recent job cuts in the Taylor County School System.

    My son is the Taylor County band director. His wife is the assistant. In the last few weeks, there has been a concern that the assistant's position would be cut from the program.

  • True ethics reform takes leadership

    While I am encouraged to see Gov. (Steve) Beshear's increased attention to ethics reform, I am disappointed that he did not follow recommendations made in the more comprehensive version of this legislation passed by the Kentucky State Senate. As it relates to my office, the Governor should have followed the Senate's proposal to include the Secretary of State in the rotation of constitutional officers who make recommendations for appointments to the Executive Branch Ethics Commission.

  • Health care is America's most important issue

    The United States has the finest and most advanced health care system in the world, but millions of Americans do not have access to and cannot afford the high cost of health insurance.

    The American people should let every person in Congress know that the Republicans who voted to sustain Bush's veto of the Children Health Care Bill have for the time being abruptly ended the fight for all Americans to have available to them affordable and proper health care, and they should be remembered at election time.

  • County folk locked out of alcohol vote

    Call me crazy, but I thought all Taylor Countians were a part of Campbellsville? I live in the county but when asked where I live I say "Campbellsville." I've lived in Campbellsville all my life. I never did understand why just the "city" people voted for mayor. But I'm glad Brenda Allen is our mayor.

    I never said anything. I let it go. But with this issue about alcohol being served in our restaurants and dining with a meal, I will not sit by and say nothing.