• The gift of listening

    When we think of gifts we can give to people, sometimes the best thing we can bestow upon someone else is to simply listen to them.

    While I was waiting to see a customer the other day, a lady came in the store and sat down near me and began, more or less, her life story. And a sad one it was.  She told me of having been disabled for years, of living with her father and how neither were very well off physically, but they managed to help each other.

  • We need innovation for our children

    Children ... they are not little adults; however, they are slowly becoming the same size as adults and acquiring the same diseases as adults, even though they may be just 10 years old.

    I am a pediatrician who not infrequently sees 10-year-old children weighing 200 pounds and who already have the metabolic syndrome, a pre-diabetic condition that confers the same risks for developing premature heart disease as diabetes itself.

  • Girl Scout cookies on their way

    Soon you will see a flurry of local Girl Scouts out and about participating in the annual cookie program. But did you know that by purchasing Girl Scout Cookies you are investing in your future?

    A recent study showed that nearly two-thirds of girls don't aspire to be leaders because they don't identify with the traditional definition of leadership - possessing power and control. They want leadership to be defined as using one's time and talents to make a difference in the world, and they're currently not seeing any example of that in modern society.

  • Taylor County is fortunate

    Here it is Christmas time ... and yet another Virginia feels compelled to write a Christmas letter to the editor. Unlike the Virginia before me, however, I have absolutely no doubts or questions about Santa. Quite the contrary - I simply want to take this special Christmas season to remind Central Kentucky residents how remarkably fortunate you are to have Taylor Regional Hospital and the James Graham Brown Cancer Center serving our communities.

  • Be sure your gift is wanted

    Once again, it's the time of year when some of you are considering buying your child or loved one a puppy, kitten or other pet for Christmas. I just want to beg those of you who are thinking about it to consider a few things before you make such a big decision and no mistake about it ... it is a big decision, especially this time of year, for the following reasons:

  • Make auto industry competitive

    How can the U.S. auto industry compete with foreign carmakers when the average hourly pay, including fringe benefits, for the Big Three workers is about $74 per hour compared to $48 per hour for the workers manufacturing foreign cars in the U.S.?

  • More progress?

    Now that the election is finally finished and we're awaiting the transition of administrations, perhaps we can take the opportunity to consider more worldly and mundane subjects.

    I recently discovered information that may of interest to some of your readers, as it interests me.

  • Complaint about police, county attorney

    I want everyone to know about the wonderful City Police Department that Campbellsville has, as well as the prosecuting attorney's office.

    I have filed over five complaints with the County Attorney's office due to being constantly harassed by another person. I have had the police out here so many times I have lost count.

  • Take care of pets in winter

    Winter, with its bitter wind, rain and snow, is rapidly approaching. Now is the time to check our doghouses, patching and repairing all cracks and leaks. It is also the time for clean bedding, with straw being the best. This bedding will probably need to be replaced several times during the winter. Putting a board along the bottom of the door opening will keep the bedding in the doghouse. Turning the door away from the wind also helps protect our animals from the cold.

    Cats also need a house, something they can get into, not just a box in the garage or shed.

  • What American is all about

    This is what America is all about, the first African American to reach the highest office in our country, the United States Presidency. From the back of a bus to the forefront of the White House, a black president in office is a victory for all of us Americans, no matter what color we are.