• About the dollar value, domestically and internationally

    There have been many high-brow articles written of late that have caught my attention. I wanted to let others share in my thoughts.

    It has become a bit of a dry article, but it should interest us if we have a willingness to fix what's broken. And I believe the consensus is that things are quite broken.

    Some of these articles I read have been written about the state of the economy in the U.S. and how it affects the rest of the world. Savings levels have been mentioned as one of the culprits and domestic product and also real estate values as contributing factors.

  • Need a state fire department museum

    As a charter member of the Hayes Crossing/Haldeman Volunteer Fire Department, I would like to make a suggestion that would involve all 120 county and city fire departments in the state of Kentucky.

    I feel like it's time to establish a Kentucky Fire Department Museum. Contributions of fire department history could come from every fire department in Kentucky, since we have several hundred fire departments in Kentucky.

    An old tobacco warehouse not being used would make a very suitable place to display trucks and equipment.

  • School Board members deserve support

    In difficult economic times like these, a community's elected officials face incredible challenges. Often, they are required to make choices and decisions that they never dreamed they might face when agreeing to offer themselves up for public service.

    It's called being a leader, and our community is fortunate to have five such individuals on the Taylor County Board of Education.

  • Election of Stumbo disappointment

    Last week brought a disappointing turn of events for the people of the commonwealth and we owe our own State Representatives for the mistake that is yet to materialize.

  • Letter to the editor ... Barlowe

    I am writing to publicly thank Kentucky legislators for supporting Senate Bill 96 and House Bill 162 in the 2008 legislative session. These bills require insurance companies to provide a health benefit for colon cancer testing.

    Gov. Steve Beshear signed these bills into law on April 15, 2008, and they were effective Jan. 1, 2009. Requiring insurance companies to provide for colon cancer screening will go a long way in helping reduce the impact of colon cancer in our state.

  • Letter to the editor ... Moskowitz

    Put money into jobs

    The incoming administration and Congress are developing an economic stimulus plan of about $800 billion, which is supposed to create approximately three million jobs. The jobs will evolve from projects designed to rebuild and replace our roadways, bridges, dams and possibly runways. Schools will be upgraded. There could be substantial funding of energy projects, which will hopefully reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

    We need quick turnaround projects ready to be implemented within 90 days of funding.

  • A first year in office

    I was recently asked by a reporter if the job of Attorney General was all I thought it would be. My answer to him was, 'It is all I thought it would be and more.'

    I love Kentucky and I ran for this office because it is a position in which a person can truly make a difference. I also knew there would be challenges and a few surprises along the way; both of which have proven to be true.

  • Congress needs proper leadership

    As Congress moves beyond last November's elections and turns its attention to governing, it has to perform one of the toughest pivots in American politics. Governing is much more difficult than campaigning.

    After going at it hammer and tongs in congressional races, Democrats and Republicans now have a branch of government to run and policy to produce.  Switching priorities to put the country and the institution of Congress ahead of politics can be a stretch for members.

  • Don't pardon the war on terror abuses

    The word in Washington is that George Bush is going to pardon a number of people potentially responsible for hideous acts committed in the war on terror. That means that those who have participated in torture and indefinite detention could go without charge or trial.

  • The gift of listening

    When we think of gifts we can give to people, sometimes the best thing we can bestow upon someone else is to simply listen to them.

    While I was waiting to see a customer the other day, a lady came in the store and sat down near me and began, more or less, her life story. And a sad one it was.  She told me of having been disabled for years, of living with her father and how neither were very well off physically, but they managed to help each other.