• Pray for yourself

    Responding to the letter about President Obama, what I think is that you are a racist person. Seems like you are jealous of Obama trying to help the poor and needy people.

    I don't believe in abortions either, but I don't think that is why you wrote the letter. I think you are a black hater.

    I am also white, but I don't put anyone down because of their color. I know he is a president to help us.

    So you should get over it and love one another, not be a hater of blacks. God loves us all, not the color we are.

  • Today's churches are lacking

    A widow has no lawn mower and not enough money to have her grass mowed. Should we force the next-door neighbor to mow her yard? Should we force the neighbor to pay someone to mow her yard?

    We're doing it with taxes; taking someone's financial property and giving to another(s). The colonists through the constitution meant for government to protect the public from enemies - foreign and domestic - and little else. This would be the military, the police and the courts.

  • Love is most powerful

    Most of us think of this world as a nice place to live, but a greater thought is its size and what it does. Every living thing on this earth has its own time and season. The earth produces food for every living thing on the earth during its life cycle.

    Each living thing has the capacity and genes to reproduce its kind from a blade of grass to an elephant.

    The intelligence that built this great ball called earth, and all its components and then put man in charge of everything, is awesome.

  • Protesting editorial cartoon

    I would like to protest the editorial cartoon that you published on Jan. 15, 2009, and I request the people of Campbellsville receive an apology.

    I realize editorial cartoons are meant to be provocative, thoughtful, or insightful, however this one seems to be either just mean, stupid or in bad taste.

    To compare a President about to take office with a convicted criminal who have nothing in common other than to be black brings one to only one conclusion of what the artist was saying.

  • It's time for officials to assume responsibility for the majority

    I want to commend you for the editorial in the Thursday, Jan. 21 paper. It is about time our elected officials assume responsibility for the majority of the people instead of bowing to the wishes of the minority.

    I really believe, if it were put on the ballot, the overwhelming majority would ban smoking in all public buildings. The state of Florida did that. The result was well over a two-thirds majority for banning smoking in all public places. Kentucky needs to do the same thing.

  • Praying for the president

    Seeing so many Americans emotionally moved by this historical election has been a positive for me in seeing potential racial healing through this election.

    Then one of [President Barack Obama's] first executive orders signed, the day after the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, is to lift the ban on federal funding for international groups that promote and/or fund abortions. Then I'm reminded of one of many reasons I could not vote for President Obama.

  • How necessary is necessary?

    I was reading in a paper the other day where Gov. Steve Beshear said we are in a time of crisis and this is a time when extraordinary measures are needed.

    Under his proposal, all non-essential merit workers would be required to take three days of unpaid leave this fiscal year. Politicians and their aides are forever coming up with catchwords or phrases, which I find terribly confusing. For example, an aide said there is no question that significant amounts of money are being spent on non-essential government employees and services.

  • 'Fire-safe' cigarettes aren't so safe

    I realize the topic of smoking will be met with opposition, but I write to you in regard to the "fire-safe cigarette" legislation that has been implemented in Kentucky.

    The Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes crusaded to get these legislations passed across the states because they did not want to get it tied up in Congress awaiting a national standard.

    The whole world knows that cigarettes cause horrible consequences to smokers' health, I am not disputing that in the least. However, something in these FSCs is making smokers sick in multitudes.

  • January is National Blood Donor Month

    About every two seconds someone in America needs blood. Blood is needed every day for patients with blood disorders, those being treated for burns or undergoing chemotherapy, and premature babies, just to name a few. The need is constant.

    However, just 38 percent of the United States population is eligible to give blood and just a fraction of those eligible - 8 percent - actually donate. What's more, the average donor gives blood less than two times a year despite being eligible to donate whole blood six times per year.

  • Be open to new ideas when it comes to schools

    January is School Board Appreciation Month. I concur with Gary Seaborne's letter that we need to support our board members. We have entrusted them with the most precious parts of our lives as parents, as grandparents and as a community.

    Not everyone is going to agree with national, state or local board policies, procedures and decisions. Taylor County is fortunate to have two school districts with dedicated and responsible individuals who give their time and talents to ensure that all of our children have opportunities to learn.