• County well represented at state fair

    The Taylor County Tourist Commission and Taylor County Fiscal Court would like to thank all of the community members who supported the Kentucky State Fair.

    This was the second year that Taylor County sponsored the opening ceremonies reception. The event was again a success. We just wanted to send a special thanks to all the sponsors for the reception.

  • Chamber thanks golf tournament supporters

    I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the hole and corporate sponsors and to those who donated items for our goody bags. Without these people, the Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Scramble would not be a huge success.

  • Student says county needs new elementary school

    If you don't support the nickel tax, you don't support the future of Taylor County.

    Refusing to pay for a small increase in property taxes is the first step to ruining our county, and denying the fact that our district needs new schools is completely uninformed.

    It's been nearly six years since I stepped inside the elementary school as a fifth-grade student, and as terrible as it was then - the cramped rooms, the water falling from the ceiling on rainy days, the musky smell of the bomb shelter basement - I can only imagine how awful it is now.

  • Principal says county needs new elementary school

    Taylor County Elementary needs a new school.

    When I began teaching at TCES in 1995, my fifth grade classroom was on the second floor of the 1939 wing. My walls would bubble up and burst open, spreading white powder over everything. Then, in 2003, I moved to the first floor of the 1939 wing. There I experienced moisture problems that actually caused my classroom library books to mold.

  • Trail Town Triathlon is a success

    Campbellsville/Taylor County Trail Town Connexions Triathlon on Aug. 24 was a lot of fun and a great success.

    It began with a paddling stage - a three-mile loop on Green River Lake in kayaks and canoes - followed by a biking stage - a 20-mile loop around the lake area - then a running stage of five kilometers inside the state park. The weather was wonderful and the participant turnout was terrific.

  • Reader opposes nickel tax

    Well, the nickel tax is back on the table again for discussion, this time with different tactics.

    We have gone from leaky roofs to mold, to now sick children and overcrowding. I do not know what excuse will be next.

    As far as overcrowding goes, there are no more students there now than there has been in the past several years. There have been 1,300-plus children there for many years. We were overcrowded when they closed the building that was originally bought and designed for preschool. That building was eventually given to the maintenance department.

  • Story of rescued dog touches reader's heart

    The hearts of all animal lovers must have been made warm by the story of Paulette! (Local dog gets new lease on life in Vermont, published in the CKNJ on July 18).

    Thank God there are still people like Sandra, Linda and Terri, as well as the pilots who have given this dog a life.

    In this day we read of killings and abuse of children and animals so often. It is so good to read of people searching out the homeless, helpless and unloved.

    Murial Green


  • Reader is proud of local hospital

    Several times this year I had to take my husband, Dennis Corbin, to the emergency room, and he would be hospitalized. I was met with caring nurses who helped him get inside.

    Thanks to the nurses and CNAs who were always friendly and checking on Dennis to see if he needed anything. He received great care during his stay in the hospital.

    Thanks to Dr. Jerome Dixon and Dr. Summer Tucker who, with their great bedside manner, gave Dennis their best care.

    Let's be proud of our hospital, the doctors and the employees who give their best to the patients.

  • Reader wants tax money spent wisely

    Isn't it amazing how politicians, do-gooders and salesmen promise if we only spend a few more million dollars, everything will be wonderful - if the taxpayers are paying for it.

    Only three years ago, we were told by the Taylor County School Board if we didn't pay more taxes (only a nickel) it would be horrible. But it was voted down.

  • Citizen thanks mayor, judge/executive for efforts

    A heartfelt thank you is offered to Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young and Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers for coming out on July 4 in a persistent rain and presenting the proclamation that identifies Campbellsville as a "Purple Heart City." It was an honor to have them present at the Edwards-O'Banion Post 82 American Legion Hall for the ceremony originally scheduled for the main stage Fourth of July activities.