• Repeal free trade agreements

    The jobless situation that has been the spotlight in the news led me to voicing my concerns to Senator Mitch McConnell.

    I'm deeply concerned about the jobless situation. As a small business owner, I share the suffering of the effects of jobs going overseas. You voted for CAFTA and NAFTA. I share the belief with most other people that these free trade agreements are the central reason why jobs are extremely scarce.

  • Child abuse in your county

    Chances are there's a child being abused or neglected within a few miles of you today. Child abuse knows no economic, geographic or social barriers. It can happen in virtually any neighborhood, in any community and in any county in the state.

    Abuse and neglect results in shattered lives, ruined childhoods, broken families and sometimes even death. In fact, a recent study revealed that the state of Kentucky led the nation in the number of deaths stemming from child abuse and neglect.

  • Tourism thanks

    The Taylor County Tourist Commission and Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce would like to sincerely thank all 44 volunteers for their participation in the Taylor County booth at the Kentucky State Fair on Aug. 18-28.

    "The Heart of it All - Taylor County" archway really made the booth stand out from the rest of the displays in the Pride of the Counties exhibit area.

    A big "thank you" goes to Cox Interior, Douglas Cabinetry, Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers and Bud Mirus for all their hard work on this beautiful archway.

  • Kiwanis thanks

    On behalf of the family of Doug Mullins and the Campbellsville Kiwanis Club, we would like to say thank you to those of you who worked, played or sponsored a hole for our second annual Doug Mullins Memorial/Kiwanis Golf Scramble.

  • Letter: Not much has changed

    We interrupt this programming to bring you reality:

    We are being lied to, stolen from and violated. Not by any dictator or villain, but by our own elected officials. After hearing an economist speak over the weekend, it's hard to be optimistic about our fiscal future. The majority of Americans are clueless and apathetic to say the least - because the television isn't telling the whole truth.

  • Letter: Government officials must make a difference

    A few days ago, President Obama told an audience at the Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta, Iowa, "There are some boneheaded things the government is doing that need to be fixed."

    I definitely agree with that and I think a lot of the Central Kentucky News-Journal readers can agree with that as well. And he went on to say "Government can make a difference." I think we can also agree with that, provided those in government who CAN make a difference, WILL.

  • Letter: Tourism thanks

    The Taylor County Tourist Commission would like to thank all the volunteers who took part in the promotional video for Taylor County that was shot Aug. 13. We are grateful that so many people in our community came together for this project.

    The grand success of this video is due in large part to you and your efforts. The video will be online in October and can be viewed on www.kytourism, www.campbellsvilleky.com and also the Taylor County Tourist Commission's Facebook page.

  • More crises on the horizon?

    Like most folks all around the world lately, I've been keeping tabs on our nation's tussle with our debt limit of $14-plus trillion and the Congress' attempts to raise it further so that our government wouldn't default on our obligations. Well, Congress finally reached a weak compromise of sorts, just hours before the debt limit would expire, raising it a few trillion more. This is the 20th time over the past few decades that this has happened. Instead of getting our fiscal house in order, Congress keeps raising the ante.

  • Congress must act quickly

    For months, farmers across the country have been keeping a watchful eye as the events surrounding the passage of the pending Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama unfold. Unfortunately, it seems every piece of positive news is met by two steps in the wrong direction.

  • Support Kentucky's children

    In the news lately there has been a rash of child drownings that caused me to remember a prayer I clipped from the Old Louisville Times in 1966. I have files of newspaper clippings and magazines, and quotes from writers of books, something that will cause my children to gasp at when they find them someday. I thought some of your readers might find the prayer as beautiful as I did.