• Reader approves of new meth bill

    In the April 2 newspaper, under the Local Briefs section, there was an article about the anti-meth bill that is in the process of being passed. I feel that the Local Brief section gives a positive impact to the newspaper by educating the readers about what is happening with the government.

  • Parents encouraged to talk to kids about drinking, drugs

    PowerTalk 21 day, which is Saturday, April 21, is the national day for parents to talk with their kids about alcohol. Campbellsville/Taylor County Anti-Drug Coalition and MADD want to encourage all parents and caregivers to start a potentially lifesaving conversation with teens about the dangers of drinking before age 21.  

  • Former cleaning contractor upset with library change

    On Monday, March 12, CKNJ wrote an article about a Taylor County Public Library board meeting. The paper printed that they had hired a new cleaning person. Well, that was a shocker since we knew nothing about it. But that afternoon, I get a call from the new librarian saying that wasn’t true what the paper printed. Well, I say OK since I had no reason not to believe it.

  • Community should be outraged

    In response to Foster pleads guilty - Shelly Miller, Allen Bertram shame on you!

    If someone is indicted on 193 counts, chances are they are guilty of more then one. This community should be outraged.

    As a mother of a special needs child, this made me physically ill knowing you put this person back on the streets.

    My faith teaches the last four things we as human face is death, judgment, heaven or hell. Well good luck with that.

    Anne Sutty


  • Reader has faith in county officials

    I am writing this letter about a letter to the editor that was in the paper about the SPCA that [Cathy Harker] made a comment that Taylor County is not allowing cruelty to animals. They were found not guilty. They also have a committee that oversees this.
    I am an animal lover, too, but because of one rumor that got started, then it is all blamed on Taylor County because somebody was upset.

  • Business owner gives thanks for tornado donations

    I want to take a moment and say thank you for all those that participated in donations for the tornado victims throughout Kentucky. With everyone working together, we were able to take several loads of donations.
    Because of everyone’s efforts, we were able to deliver one vanload to Louisa on Monday, March 12, two vanloads to Salyersville on Tuesday, March 13, and another vanload to Dry Ridge (Crittenden and Piner communities) on Friday, March 16.

  • Reader upset over court's SPCA decision

    I hope everyone read the front page article “Fiscal Court Scraps Animal Control Board” (Thursday, Feb. 16), and I hope you are as outraged as I am.
    Once again our county judge/executive and magistrates have proven what a corrupt little town we live in, and that the “good ‘ol boys” are running everything. I am totally disgusted with every one of them for going against their word from the previous fiscal court meeting.  

  • Pajama Program thanks supporters

    Lake Cumberland Community Action Agency’s Head Start program would like to enthusiastically thank the Kentucky Chapter of The Pajama Program for donating about 1,650 pairs of new Carter’s brand pajamas to Head Start children in the Lake Cumberland area.

  • Next president will need to walk on water

    I’m watching the Republican primary. It’s been interesting how many candidates have risen to the top, only to become just a flash in the pan.
    Being president used to be a nice job. Make a few speeches, sign a few bills into law, declare war to rousing cheers and go throw out the first ball at a Washington Senators’ baseball game.

  • Reader shocked by Medco ad

    I was shocked to see the full-page ad in the paper about Medco Nursing Home. I spent months in a rehab hospital in Louisville with very little rehab.
    When I transferred to Medco I was soon walking and getting better all around.
    I wasn’t improving with little rehab in Louisville. At Medco I got rehab, was treated great and was home in one month. Thanks Medco.

    Robert Morris