• Odd news is good news

    Few things appeal to me more than the “odd” news stories of the world, tales of stupid criminals, odd feats or simply bizarre behavior.
    Here are just a few of the more recent offbeat news stories that have grabbed my attention.

  • The bigger picture

    Spoiler alert: A character died on Monday night's episode of "The Big C."

    If you haven't been watching the show, it characterizes Cathy Jamison's life after she gets the news that she has terminal cancer.

    The show is touching, plain and simple. It's also a bit raunchy and over the top, but the message still hits pretty close to home.

  • A new chapter in life

    Change is often a good thing, and I believe a good change has come into my life recently.

  • Turning back the clock

    I was ashamed of myself, at how far I'd let myself go. As I lay at the bottom of the stairwell, my doctor's advice to lose weight or lose my knee repeatedly looped in my head.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Every once in a while, I get a story that makes an impression upon me. Don't misunderstand me, I take all of my stories seriously, but some of them just hit closer to home.

  • At least the nest isn't empty ... yet

    I'm not a big fan of clichés or trite sayings, but every now and then one simply fits a particular occasion.

    This is one of those times.

    My oldest bird has "flown the coop." In other words, Cameron, my eldest child, is now a college freshman. Oh, I'm sure he'll be home often, dirty laundry in tow as most are, but he officially has his own residence now. And while it may be still in the same town, it's under a different roof.

  • A harsh statistic

    The numbers are staggering.

    There have been 15 sex crime arrests this year, the same as for the entire 2010 calendar year.

    Local officials told me that they believe the crimes aren't being committed more often, it's just that people today are more likely to report the crimes.

    I can understand that. But if we have even one more arrest this year, our statistic will be increasing.

  • Help us end the tragedy of drunk driving

    As long as I've been a prosecutor, I've never gotten used to the sorrow I feel when I'm called to the scene of a crash where a young person has died due to alcohol-impaired driving.

    These accidents happen far too often: In 2009, alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities accounted for 32 percent of the total motor vehicle traffic fatalities in the United States. That means an average of one alcohol-impaired-driving fatality happened every 48 minutes. This senseless loss of human life is a daily reality all over America, year after year.

  • Be careful who you vote for

    Is Obama on the way out?

    That's the message sent out on the airwaves by the 24-hour news networks this past weekend.

    I'm not sure if President Barack Obama is destined to be a one-term president, but I am certain that many of the "reporters" on these network have mistaken opinion for facts.

    I've said here before that I'm not a political junky. Heck, I'd rather watch American Pickers than a political debate.

    Still, I occasionally get sucked into the hoopla, and this past weekend was certainly one of those cases.

  • Summer intern gives her perspective on community newspapers

    Before being given the opportunity to intern for the Central Kentucky News-Journal, I had lived in Campbellsville for about three years. With that said, my impression of the city was one I will not share - because I was wrong.

    I started realizing that there was more to Campbellsville than Wal-Mart and Campbellsville University on day one of my internship. Campbellsville may be small, but the community here falls nothing short of having a big heart.

  • Share your memories

    The News-Journal's "Early Days" column has always been popular. And the 10 decades of 100th anniversary special sections we published last year were well liked by readers, too.

    But if anyone had asked me how popular a new Facebook group called "You're probably from Taylor County if ..." would be, I'd never have gotten the answer right.

    Unbelievable. Amazing. Fun.