Today's News

  • Where justice is served ...

    The courtroom was standing room only, but not for its usual purpose.

    A packed room of local and visiting officials and community members dedicated the Taylor County Judicial Center on Tuesday afternoon. The ceremony came nearly five years after the project was first approved in 2005.

    Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers welcomed those attending the ceremony and said that the completion of the judicial center building was long awaited.

    The building, he said, is an important contribution to the Taylor County community and meets its needs.

  • State police liable in Lebanon teen's death

    More than 13 years after LeBron Gaither's murder, the Kentucky Board of Claims has found the Kentucky State Police liable in his death.

    The Board of Claims issued a final order Dec. 8 in which the board ruled that the police were liable for $168,729.90 in damages.

    LeBron Gaither turned 18 years old just days before he was killed July 17, 1996, in Casey County near the Casey/Taylor County line.

  • Program seeks to put people to work.

    Times are tough for employers and those seeking employment, but a new federally funded program seeks to make things a little easier.

    Job Opportunities & Business Services, also known as JOBS, is a stimulus-funded program that seeks to find jobs for low-income people while also paying some of their wages. The 10-county Lake Cumberland Region has $1.2 million in funding.

    "The program targets low-income individuals to make them more self-sufficient," said Janice Myers, JOBS specialist for Taylor, Adair and Green counties.

  • TRH to offer first aid course

    Taylor Regional Hospital will present an American Heart Association Pediatric First Aid course on Friday, Dec. 11 from 8 a.m. to noon.

    This class will provide participants with a foundation in the techniques of pediatric first aid. Upon completion, participants will receive course completion certification.

    All classes are taught at the TRH Learning & Resource Center located at 125B Kingswood Drive in Campbellsville. Cost is $50, which includes the book.

  • Lottery pays out more than it takes in

    The Kentucky Lottery is paying out more in Taylor County than it is taking in.

    During the 2008-2009 fiscal year, lottery revenue totaled $3,888,392. During the same period, the Lottery paid out $2,551,962 in prizes and $1,879,415 to students for scholarships and grant funding.

    According to Sara Westerman, Kentucky Lottery communications specialist, the majority of lottery revenue goes toward education.

  • 'New Moon' doesn't disappoint 'Twihards'

    By the time these words hit newsprint, I'll have seen the movie three times.

    That's a pretty low number for me, actually, considering I saw the first one six times in various theaters and "Titanic" nearly 15 times.

    Yes, I know how that sounds, and I just really enjoy going to movie theaters.

    If you have read my columns before, you'll know I'm a "Twilight" fan. I loved the books, loved the first movie and can't wait to see the next ones.

  • Cookies with Santa

    Three-year-old Darlene Ferguson was just one of many children who stopped by the Central Kentucky News-Journal office Thursday afternoon to have cookies with Santa.

    Joseph Greer, however, wasn't quite as thrilled.

    All children who participated in the annual letter-writing and coloring contests sponsored by the newspaper were invited.

  • Man accused of breaking into home to steal drugs

    A Campbellsville man has been arrested and charged after he allegedly broke into another person's home to steal drugs.

    Robert S. Hughes, 48, of 2449 E. Meadow Creek was arrested at just after midnight Friday, Dec. 4.

    According to Hughes' arrest citation, Campbellsville Police received a complaint at about 11:45 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3 that a man was breaking into someone's home but the homeowner had caught the person.

    When police arrived, court records state, the homeowner was standing over the man and told officers that the man was trying to break into his garage.

  • Courthouse Square should have been packed Wednesday

    Wednesday's Veterans Day celebration was quite a ceremony. There were several guest speakers, an amazing performance by the Campbellsville Middle School choir and a flag ceremony.

    But something was missing.

    Including the 20-members-strong choir, I counted about 60 people. That's a nice crowd, but as Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers said, the Courthouse Square should have been overflowing with people there to pay due respect to the many local men and women who served our country.

  • Be alert for holiday e-mail scams

    The Better Business Bureau is alerting consumers to a holiday e-mail scam that's popping up in consumers' inboxes just in time for the holiday shopping season.

    The e-mail appears to be a legitimate e-mail from DHL Services, a parcel shipment company, but it actually contains an attachment that, if opened, will infect computers with a virus.