Youth learn, share message of peace

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By Zac Oakes



Around the country, people are observing the month of February as Black History Month, and Campbellsville’s First Baptist Church is no exception.

The church has already had a couple of programs the first two Sundays of this month, aimed at celebrating the accomplishments of historical figures and educating children and others about the past, present, and future.

Sheila Taylor and other members of First Baptist Church have been working with children in the church to conduct performances aimed at observing Black History Month.

The first, held Sunday, Feb. 4, involved the youth portraying “Symbols of Freedom.” Youth in the church dressed up as notable figures in African-American history, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Barack Obama, Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman, among others.

The children performed monologues in front of the church, dressed as their chosen historical figure, speaking about the important role that each of these individuals played in history. Around eight children participated in the program.

This past Sunday, the children participated in a song and dance program centered around recent events, including the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, as well as references to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The church’s dance ministry performed the routine, which included seven children in the church. The children wore tape over their mouths, with words or phrases written on the tape such as “Justice for All,” “Hands Up,” and “Pray.” They performed to the song “Glory” by John Legend and Common.

Taylor said it has been a great opportunity to educate the young people in the church about recent events, as well as talking to them about the existence of racism and hatred in the world.

“We want to teach them that racism and hatred still exist in the world,” Taylor said. “But we also want to teach our children to stand for what is right, to be peaceful, and to trust in God.”

Taylor said she knows there is some controversy surrounding the aforementioned incidents, but said educating the children about these events is very important.

“We don’t want to hide things from them,” Taylor said. “We want to confront these things head on.”

The First Baptist Church Dance Ministry performs throughout the year, according to Taylor, but has been very much involved during Black History Month.

She said she is especially thankful for Rev. Montel Richardson, the pastor of the church, for his support and encouragement as they have prepared and performed these programs.

“He has been excellent and so supportive of us with everything,” Taylor said.

In addition to Taylor, Breonah Brown has had a major part in coordinating the programs, specifically the song and dance routine, as well as Tangie Taylor.

Taylor said they were looking into having a couple more programs during the month of February, but nothing was set in stone at this time. However, she said she was pleased with the programs they have performed thus far.

The First Baptist Church of Campbellsville is located at 704 East Broadway.