Vacation and life

    So, I started this blog and posted a few then I went on vacation and this is my first posting since. I had an awesome time on a mission trip with the 412 Student Ministries from Campbellsville Baptist Church serving at Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, Michigan for nine days. I was touched by the stories of God's grace, love and forgiveness. I was impressed with the compassion that the 412 team showed to the people of Grace Center. It was a totally amazing trip that I am so glad I was a part of for many reasons.
    Since I have been home life has happened. My oldest sister, Suzi, is here for a two-week visit before my daughter starts college and the school year starts back up for my son. We are enjoying her visit but that has caused me to pick up a few things at the grocery but no real couponing and I've gone way over my grocery budget. We are having fun and enjoying our time together with family, which matters more than deals.
    Also, the garden is full of vegetables to harvest so I'm fitting that in around everything else. I have lost count of the quarts of refrigerator pickles I have made and have no more room for quart jars in the refrigerator. We picked some pears a little early to keep the tree limbs from breaking off and I made 12 pints of pear preserves. This weekend there will be lots of pickle and salsa making, and butter bean shelling going on.
    Check back soon for another blog. Thanks for reading and I promise I haven't given up on the deals.