Tourism is big business

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By The Staff

As big a business as tourism has become in our community - $42.8 million in 2007 - it's important for us to put on a good show.

And the show at Green River Lake is a major reason for our success. Whether it's fishing, water sports, camping or simply relaxing with friends, there's literally something for everyone to enjoy at the lake.

Green River Lake has gained a reputation over the years for its trophy muskie fishing and has always been popular for all types of angling, whether from the bank, a johnboat or a fancy bass boat. But the lake provides other recreation, too, as several boat docks and a number of public ramps provide shoreline access in a number of different areas. And several miles of trails can be used by hikers, bikers and horseback riders near Green River Lake State Park.

We've always known that Campbellsville and Taylor County is the best place to be. And now our tourism numbers are proving that others know it, too.

According to a story in last Thursday's News-Journal, tourism dollars spent in Taylor County increased more than any other county in the Southern Lakes and Rivers Region last year.

An increase of more than 10 percent is nothing to sneeze at. It's certainly more than most of us will see in our annual cost-of-living salary increase, if we're lucky enough to get one.

But the lake alone is definitely not all that Taylor County has to offer its visitors. Tourism Executive Director Marilyn Clarke says our history and heritage are draws as well, including Civil War sites and other landmarks.

There's something to be said for staying close to home. With today's gas prices, many Kentuckians might be searching for vacation spots in their home state.

And we say, "Welcome."