Saving Made Simple: Homemade yogurt

In my quest for frugality I found a blog that has become a favorite, www.thefrugalgirl.com. This blogger, Kristen, shares recipes and household tips related to frugality.

When I read her recipe for making yogurt all I could think of was the yogurt my mother made when I was a child. I have memories of the little Braun yogurt maker sitting beside our kitchen sink during my childhood. Friends were always curious as to what it was. I was never a big fan of Mom's yogurt. It had a certain twang to it that was still there no matter what. I don't remember when or why the yogurt maker was no longer on our counter.

Years later I became a big fan of  yogurt. I had favorite brands and flavors. Yoplait became a household staple. A few years ago when I began to focus on frugality I also began working to eliminate preservatives from the food we were consuming. I examined everything that I could do to cut back on expenses and preparing food from scratch was a natural solution.

I decided to give her recipe a try. I was in love after the first batch. I love the creaminess and the slight vanilla sweetness of it but most of all I love how simple the process is. It probably won't seem that way when you read over her recipe but it is after you have made a couple of batches. Plus, you have yogurt for the month and you know exactly what is in it.

Kristen wrote a price comparison blog for yogurt back in 2008. A batch of yogurt lasts her family about a week. One batch will last me about 3-4 weeks. I usually eat it for breakfast and in smoothies. My daughter doesn't like any yogurt and my son seldom eats it so it doesn't go as fast in our house.

My favorite ways to eat it are drizzled with honey or with granola and berries. Yumm!

I have included links to her blog for the recipe and the price comparison. Hope you enjoy.

Recipe link

Price Comparison