Saving Made Simple: Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping

    I haven't written a grocery blog in a while, so here you go. Saturday my shopping trip was a little stressful, not due to my list or coupons but due to how crowded Kroger was. I think everyone in town was in there buying their snacks for Saturday night's big game.
    I will admit I zigzag through the store a little during my shopping trips so some shoppers may have been wondering who the crazy lady was that kept going back and forth. My zigzagging is all part of my savings plan. I have my list divided into 3 parts – the essentials I need for the week, the things that are good deals but not essentials and the things that are a great deal for my stockpile. I shop with cash and keep a running total on my list so if I have not exhausted my funds after the essentials I start picking up the deals.

Savings this week with coupons
Hellmann's Mayonnaise (stockpile) on sale for 2.99 – coupon for $1 off – 1.99
Blue Diamond Almond Milk (unrefrigerated – stockpile) 2 @ 1.49 each – 2 50¢ coupons – .49 each
Finish Gelpac dishwasher detergent – 4.99 – $1 coupon – 3.99
Ivory Soap – on sale for $1 – 35¢ – 30¢ for 3 bars (stockpile)
Chi Chi's taco size tortillas – 4 @ 1.99 each – 4 50¢ off coupons – 99¢ each
Egglands organic eggs – marked down to 2.09 – 50¢ coupon – 1.09
Land of Lakes half and half – 2.49 – $1 coupon – 1.49
Kroger Savings
Kroger cheese 3/$5
Kroger frozen vegetables 10/$10 – 2 bags green peas – $1 each
Kroger eggs 10/$10 – 2 dozen at $1 each
Kroger frozen chicken breasts - $6.99

Manufactured coupon savings – 9.35
Bonus coupon savings – 4.15
Kroger plus savings – 20.98
Total savings – 34.48

Total spent – 64.70
Cash remaining – 10.30

    I picked up other sale items, milk, bread, frozen chicken breasts and ground beef. Yes, I came home with 3 dozen eggs. I made egg salad for this week's lunch and I'll make deviled eggs this weekend while my daughter is home for Easter.