Ready for the garden

Sunny mild days are a signal that spring will be here soon. My daffodils are about to bloom. I have seen some blooming around town. They are always such a welcome, bright yellow sight after the grayness of winter.

Days like this have me anxiously awaiting time to get our garden started. My boyfriend and I make a good gardening couple, he likes the preparations and plantings where I enjoy the harvesting and the work that comes with that. I enjoy the early spring preparations but I am just tickled pink to see all the ripe fruits of our labor lined up on the kitchen counters. I think there is such beauty in sparkling, filled Mason jars lined up when I am finished with the canning process. And, oh the pop of the lid sealing makes a garden girl giddy!

We are enlarging our garden this year. We have plans to grow some different things that we haven't grown before. Beets are on the top of our list. Some friends shared a jar of their pickled beets and we are both hooked! We also used their dill pickle recipe late in the season and wow, are they good. I'll be putting up many more this year. It is such a joy on a cold winter night to bite into a homemade pickle and remember the hot summer days spent working in the garden.

We'll have field peas (my favorite), tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, corn, jalapenos (his favorite), bell peppers, beets and whatever else strikes our fancy. I'm excited to get out there, dig in the dirt and watch our garden grow.

So, have you started your garden plans?