Our Fourth is fabulous

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Campbellsville celebrates Fourth of July well

By Moreland Jeff


Not being from Campbellsville, I don’t have the memories many of you have growing up here.

You recall things from 10, 20, 30 or more years ago, and you remember the good old days. However, in some cases, the good old days may not have been as good as the days we are experiencing right now. 

Take the Fourth of July, for example.

I’ve had some residents of the community make comments to me, especially this past week as we celebrated our nation’s independence. What many have said is that the Fourth of July is not what it used to be; instead, they say the celebration is now the best they have seen.

I don’t know if you agree, and as I said, I don’t have the many years of history some of you have for comparison. But I can’t imagine that things could have been much better in the past. After all, the committee that organizes this event, which now spreads out over a full week rather than just one day, brings some pretty impressive things to the community.

It all starts with music, and several bands and artists perform over the course of the celebration. We have the chance to hear local artists compete in the annual K-Country Showdown, as well as other shows, including what has come to be a star-studded show the night before the Fourth, which this year included country music artists Restless Heart.

To see bands like this, along with Exile, Confederate Railroad, Shenandoah and others on stage right here in Campbellsville is quite a show, and we are fortunate to have such quality entertainment come to town.

Plenty of other events take place, and there’s something for almost everyone to enjoy.

It all wraps up on the Fourth of July with a day filled with activities like the annual parade and fireworks celebration to close out the event. This year’s fireworks were especially nice, and since being moved to Miller Park from the barge on City Lake, larger fireworks could be used, and those looking on from Miller Park and the rest of the city around it got quite a show.

I don’t anticipate the celebration going anywhere but up from here, although it’s hard to imagine how that can happen. The Fourth of July Committee certainly has its hands full putting on a better celebration for this community, and I for one, would like to say thanks for all you do and all of the work and time that goes into the events.

We are truly fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers behind the scenes of the events that allow us to celebrate the freedom we enjoy here in Campbellsville. 


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