Oh yeah, baby, free toothpaste

   Sunday evening I noticed a Facebook friend's post about the free toothpaste she picked up at Kroger. It was late, Kroger was closed but I was determined I would not miss out on the toothpaste deal this time. Last time I procrastinated and there were none to be had and my coupons were expiring too soon for a raincheck to help.
    So, Monday I ate my lunch while searching my coupon binder for the needed coupons. I finished out my lunch hour getting my deals at Kroger. Nine items, eight coupons and $2.70 later I was walking out with my free toothpaste, free emory boards, Oxy Cleansing Pads for 99¢, and a Snapple Tea. The tea was just because I was hot and thirsty...not sure if I drank anything with my lunch since I was so excited about the deals.
    Total savings $15.88!
    And, finally a photo to share!