New Grandview report released

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The facility's Medicare Provider Agreement is now set to expire Sept. 16

By The Staff


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released another involuntary termination notice regarding the Grandview Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in Campbellsville. 

The notice, released to the public last Thursday, states that the involuntary termination of its Medicare Provider agreement will be effective Sept. 16, nearly a month later than the initial termination date of Aug. 12. 

“The conditions in the nursing home constitute immediate jeopardy and substandard quality of care to residents’ health and safety,” the release stated. “The facility did not comply with federal participation requirements.”

The notice states that CMS did not effectuate that earlier termination due to the “unique facts and circumstances of the onsite survey concluded on Aug. 9.” However, it does not elaborate on what those unique facts and circumstances are.

Some of the findings of a survey on Aug. 24, in which conditions constituted another immediate jeopardy ruling, were also released. 

“The facility failed to maintain an effective system to ensure physician notification of a resident's change in medical condition and the need to alter medical treatment, and failed to ensure a resident’s care plan was revised and supervision provided to prevent accidents,” the report stated. 

Also mentioned was an incident involving a resident with a history of falls that sustained seven falls within a two-month time period. This resident, according to the report, fell on Aug. 9, and sustained multiple fractures to the bones in the spine and left hip. The resident was not a candidate for surgical repairs of the fractures and was placed on palliative care for pain control, according to the report, and the resident passed away six days later.

Another resident, the report stated, voiced concerns to facility staff for two days, noted as Aug. 10 and 11, of having “increased weakness, feeling confused, and was not able to hold objects in their right hand.” 

Later in the day, on Aug. 11, the resident was found unable to speak or follow commands, experienced facial drooping, was transferred to the hospital and diagnosed with an acute Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA). 

The recent release also contained violations found in the July 20 and Aug. 2 surveys. The findings included the following violations: 

“… The facility’s failure to provide supervision to prevent accidents; report and investigate allegations of resident abuse, neglect and injuries of unknown origin; failure to ensure residents were not physically restrained for the purposes of discipline or convenience; failure to develop, implement and revise person-centered care plans; failure to prevent the development of pressure ulcers and implement practices to promote healing of pressure ulcers; failure to provide sufficient numbers of nursing staff to provide care to all residents; failure to ensure nursing staff (Licensed Practical Nurses) had appropriate competencies and skills to safely administer medications; failure to prevent a medication error rate of  31.8 percent; failure to ensure the facility was administered in an effective manner that enabled its resources to be used effectively to maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident; and failed to ensure the Quality Assurance Committee identified quality of care deficiencies and implemented actions to correct the deficiencies.” 

In the release, a CMS spokesperson said that access to care has not been identified as a problem regarding resident relocation. 

The release states that as of Aug. 24, the date of the last survey, there were approximately 142 beds in the county and surrounding area for resident relocation, but it isn’t completely clear what defines “surrounding area.” The Grandview has 81 beds in its facility.

“CMS’s first priority is to protect the health and safety of facility residents,” the release states. 

More information about the ongoing situation with Grandview will be released as it is made available.