Mayor says city will comply with state laws

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Council members defend actions addressed in recent audit

By Bobby Brockman


Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young addressed the recent state audit during Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

“I’m very glad to have constructive criticism,” Young

offered. “Violations occurred and they will be corrected. The city will immediately comply. Not one dollar was misspent.  I made a mistake and should have explored some options. We’re going to move forward and comply.”

Two council members, Randy Herron and Allen Johnson, addressed why they were mentioned in the report.

“We’ve always had seal bids, except for one, and that was declared an emergency under KRS,” Herron said.

“And, that’s been the case under three previous administrations, plus it’s handled that way throughout much of the state of Kentucky.”

“One of the vehicles I worked on came in 2014 before I was a council member,” admitted Johnson. “The others were after 2015, and I was only trying to help the city. And, if I was wrong, I was wrong.”

Young also acknowledged he had appointed deputy police chief Mitch Bailey as procurement (compliance) officer.

Public comments of three minutes were allowed before a

7‐minute executive session, but only two (Otto

Tennant and Sandy England) took the opportunity, and

neither addressed the audit.

Although Young said there could be a special meeting called later this month, the next scheduled meeting will be Monday, Feb. 5.