Kroger offers online shopping

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Grocery company's ClickList service now available at Green River Plaza Store

By Zac Oakes

Local residents who do their grocery shopping at the Green River Plaza Kroger now have the option of ordering all their groceries online, taking out the hassle of scouring the grocery store for all their needed items.

Alyssa Jeffries, E-commerce manager for Kroger, said the store is excited to offer this program for customers, as it will provide a fast and simple shopping option.

“We are very excited,” Jeffries said. “We’re very excited for the community of Campbellsville. This is a really big deal for us and our customers.”

The Green River Plaza Kroger began the use of Kroger ClickList today, which allows customers the option to shop through the thousands of Kroger items online, picking out the items they would like to purchase and placing them in an online cart.

From there, the process is pretty simple. It just takes a few clicks to confirm the order and select a time slot to pick up the selected items. The time slots are in one-hour increments and items can be picked up any time during that one-hour slot.

“It’s basically like shopping at any other website,” Jeffries said.

Jeffries also said they do same-day ordering. However, she said customers need to allow at least four hours from the time of the order until pickup time if doing same-day ordering.

When picking up items, customers are asked to follow the signs to the ClickList pickup area. At the call box, a phone number will be available for customers to call to let the store know they have arrived and a Kroger employee will bring the items to the customer’s vehicle.

“Customers don’t have to get out of their car or anything, we bring the order out,” she said.

The pickup area will be on the last line of the parking lot, next to Colton’s restaurant, Jeffries added.

Kroger requests that customers have their credit or debit card ready to pay when the employee brings the order out.

After calling in to the store from the pickup area, Jeffries said it typically takes five minutes or less to bring the order out and load it in the vehicle so the customer can be on their way.

There are a few things that customers should know about the new Kroger ClickList. First, only credit and debit cards are accepted for payment when using the program. Cash, checks, and gift cards cannot be accepted for ClickList transactions.

Kroger is also unabe to accept government benefits including WIC and SNAP as payment for ClickList purchases.

When placing an order, customers will see an estimated total at checkout, but the customer’s credit or debit card will be charged a final total amount when they receive their order. Prices shown may differ at the time the customer receives the order due to coupons, taxes, substitutions, and weighted items such as produce, meat and seafood, and deli items.

Both digital coupons and paper coupons can still be used for ClickList orders, although customers can expect a little bit of a delay when using paper coupons, as store employees will receive the paper coupons from the customer and go back into the store to redeem them.

“That will work the same way that it does at the cash register,” Jeffries said.

There is a service fee on ClickList purchases as well, but it is waived for the first three orders. After that, a fee will be charged.

At this time, prescriptions cannot be added to ClickList orders.

ClickList is available through desktop and mobile versions of the Kroger website, but not yet available through Kroger’s Mobile App.

For more information, visit https://www.kroger.com/onlineshopping.