Know the score when eating out

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CKNJ Publisher Jeff Moreland discusses the importance of restaurant health inspections

By Moreland Jeff


If your family is like mine, you probably eat a lot of meals out in restaurants these days.

No, it’s not about my wife’s cooking. She’s an excellent cook, and her food is among the best you’ll put in your mouth.

But we are like many families these days, busy and on the run most of the time to one place or another, and we simply don’t take the time to cook a large meal every day. Instead, we grab something at a restaurant and save the time and clean-up work in the kitchen.

After a meal last week in an area restaurant, we noticed the health department score posted in the front window. Let me stress this was not a local restaurant. I don’t want to give anyone the idea that this took place in one of our own businesses, because that’s not the case.

As we glanced at the score from inside the restaurant, we discussed how it appeared to be a score of “82” from where we sat inside. An 82 is not exactly a score to write home about, but it was actually worse than we thought. It dawned on us that the scores are posted so they are visible from outside the restaurant, and upon closer inspection, we realized the health score was actually a 68.

As we left, we took a closer look at the form and saw violations including serious issues, like meat not being stored at proper temperatures, along with some other violations that would not be classified as minor when it comes to serving food.

While the score itself left us concerned, we were even more bothered by what appeared to be an attempt to cover up the score. In this case, the low score was posted behind a screened sticker on the front window. There were parts of the window that were not covered by the screen, and those would have been perfect spots for the low score to be posted.

With general health concerns, as well as the recent Hepatitis A scare for many who eat in restaurants, viewing the health scores of the places where you choose to eat is very important.

As you and your family eat in restaurants, be certain to know the score when eating out.