Judge warns of people posing as census workers

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By The Staff


Taylor County Judge-Executive Eddie Rogers said he has been contacted by some local residents and told of people coming to doors claiming to be census workers. According to Rogers, however, those people are not presenting any identification to prove that they are official census workers.

Rogers said anyone being approached by someone at their door asking for information should be especially careful and ask to see identification.

“I’ve had a couple of people come by or call and ask if census people are coming around,” Rogers said at Tuesday’s Taylor County Fiscal Court meeting. “The census people have asked for volunteers, but haven’t notified the county of any work taking place.”

Rogers added that those people may have notified city officials, but he was not aware of that. He added that anyone asking for personal information from residents should be able to present identification.

“If they’re asking for personal stuff in the house, how many people live here or whatever, they should have some kind of ID,” Rogers said.

How to identify a Census Field Representative (from the U.S. Census Bureau Website) Representatives must present an identification badge which contains a photograph of field representative, Department of Commerce watermark, and expiration date. They will provide you with supervisor contact information and/or the regional office phone number for verification, if asked. They will provide you with a letter from the Director of the Census Bureau on U.S. Census Bureau letterhead. They may be carrying a laptop and/or bag with a Census Bureau logo.