Hepatitis A confirmed in Taylor Co. restaurant employee; Health dept. says minimal risk for diners

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Druther's Restaurant is cooperating fully

By The Staff

A case of Hepatitis A has been discovered in a former worker at a popular local restaurant in Campbellsville. 

Officials from the Taylor County Health Department and Lake Cumberland District Health Department have determined that a former food prep worker at Druther's Restaurant in Campbellsville has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A. The individual no longer works at Druther's. Health officials stated that the risk to those who have consumed food at the restaurant is minimal, but they may consider getting vaccinated.

"While it is rare for restaurant patrons to become infected with hepatitis A virus due to an infected food handler, anyone who consumed food or drink at Druther’s Restaurant Aug. 14 through Aug. 26 may consider the Hepatitis A vaccination," the release stated. 

Druther's is cooperating fully and working on getting all employees vaccinated.

"Druther’s Restaurant is fully cooperating with the Health Department and is working with the Health Department to get all employees vaccinated," the report states. "There is minimal risk of contracting hepatitis A from this establishment or any other food establishment at this time, and no case of hepatitis A in the current Kentucky outbreak has been associated with food service establishments."

The vaccine is available through your local pharmacy, the Health Department and your health care provider.

More information about Hepatitis A can be found in this article published in the CKNJ in July or through the district health department's website, which can be accessed here.