Grocery Adventure

By Becky McCorvey

I am starting on an adventure and I'm inviting you to come along.

I'm going to set my grocery budget and get serious with my couponing. You are invited to follow along and see how I do using coupons and deals at our local stores.

Can I feed a family of three on a budget of $75 every two weeks? Can it be done? Let's find out together. I promise I will show the results.

Before I share my first shopping adventure please remember that I have a little bit of a stock pile. I have frozen vegetables, canned goods and other staples from previous trips. Some of my trips may seem like I don't have full meals but each shopping trip I am buying items to go along with what I already have and replenshing my stockpile.

Here is my first shopping trip. I planned to take a photo of everything but my daughter borrowed my camera yesterday.

With $75 cash and coupons I headed to Kroger. I bought 40 items and used 20 coupons. Here is what I bought: two laundry detergents, two packages of chicken thighs, two packages of hot dogs, 1 package of sausage, one package of sandwich ham, hot dog and hamburger buns, bread, milk, half & half, two packages of breaded chicken patties, two packages of chicken nuggets, two bottles of mustard, lemonade mix, five boxes of cereal, four boxes of crackers, sugar, tea bags, coffee, three mens shower gel, and three mens deodorants. (One deodarant and one shower gel were FREE!!!)

Total before savings – $121.06.
Savings with Kroger Plus card – $38.39
Coupon Savings – $21.48
Total Saved– $59.87
Total Spent – $61.19
Remaining for two weeks – $13.81

I will use the $13  to pick up fresh vegetables at Saturday's Farmer's Market or bread & milk if needed. As the summer progresses I will have vegetables from our garden also. Right now, cucumbers, radishes and yellow squash are starting to come in and we still have a little lettuce.

This trip included a little more processed foods than I usually purchase but with two teenagers at home during the summer it is nice to have quick items around that they can fix themselves.

Next time I promise to have a picture instead of only a list.

Blessings and happy couponing.