Giving Voice: Ode to Technology

Ode to Technology


Oh technology,

How I love you,

But why must an ad

Obstruct my view?!


Who says I want

To shop for a man

Or find a great steal

From a bargain-store stand?


Why do you ask me,

"what is your age?

Click here to see

What you could be paid!"


Oh technology,

How did you know

That I live in Kentucky

And yet love the globe?


Now, technology,

You must relent,

Or I'll pull the plug,

And stop your attempts!


You can't even hear the sound of the smack

If my head hits the keyboard

In a frustrated thwack!


But, technology, you and I,

Have this strange partnership

As we both try

To reach some great goal;

You, my attention,

Me, information.

And social connection.




I won't give you up,

You're my complex tool,

Though sometimes I fight you

And look quite the fool.



my dear,

I have intentions

of great interventions

to keep you and I on appropriate terms.


But, for now...


Let's set back our difference

And each shake a hand

Behave with more reason

As machine and man.