Frigid temperatures results in more visits to local shelter

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By Zac Oakes


The beginning of 2018 has brought frigid temperatures across the state, with several consecutive nights of single-digit low temperatures with wind chill temperatures falling below zero.

The extremely cold temperatures created problems for many residents of the Campbellsville community, and Green River Ministries has been doing their best to help all those in need.

Green River Ministries Executive Director Miranda Willis said that the number of people that they have seen at the Green River Ministries Shelter has increased substantially during the recent cold snap.

Willis said that she typically performs around four intakes a week, which involves someone coming in and applying for shelter. Last week, in which the shelter was closed for three days, Willis said, she performed nine intakes.

“We basically doubled, if not close to tripled, the amount of intakes,” Willis said. “… our numbers across the board are through the roof.”

In addition, Green River Ministries increased the number of emergency food boxes that they provided. Willis said that from Dec. 8 to Jan. 8, GRM has more than doubled the amount of emergency food boxes that they provide.

Typically, Willis said, they give around 15 of those per month. For the above-mentioned time period, they gave 33. That increase is even more significant considering GRM was closed the last week of December between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Willis said that they traditionally look to see how often a person has been served and when the last time was, but due to the extremely cold temperatures, she said that they backed off of that for the time being given the circumstances.

GRM has also started a new project called “Project Warm Winter.” Upon walking into their office on Clem Haskins Boulevard, one can find a rack full of winter coats, hats, gloves, and other necessary winter attire.

Those who need winter clothing can come in and get a coat from the shelter by just presenting an ID during normal business hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

So far, Willis said that they have seen a high level of participation in the program.

“In about three weeks, we have handed out 42 coats, plus accessories,” Willis said.

Additionally, GRM is also handing out sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, and other items as well.

Willis said that they have had several people come into the shelter that do have a house to live in, but they don’t have electricity or gas to heat their homes.

To contact Green River Ministries, call (270) 465- 9880 or stop by their office at 55 Clem Haskins Boulevard.

If anyone is interested in helping out through donations, Willis said that the shelter is in need of cans with “pop tops”, as well as jackets and blankets.