Firefighters rescue mother, child from house fire

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‘I’m so thankful that they came in and got us out. It’s scary to think of how bad it could have been...’

By Zac Oakes



A tragedy was averted Monday morning when firefighters with Campbellsville Fire-Rescue forced their way into a home on Candace Street and evacuated a sleeping mother and small child from a house fire.

Amber Duncan, a mother of four, said she had just taken her two oldest children to school when she came back home and decided to take a nap with her youngest child. She was startled awake when several firefighters with Campbellsville Fire-Rescue surrounded her in her home and told her that she needed to get out of the house.

The firefighters told Duncan that her house was on fire, but still groggy, Duncan said she was confused because there was no sign of a fire.

“There were four or five firefighters around the bed, telling me that I needed to get out, that there was a fire, but I didn’t see any smoke or anything like that,” Duncan said. “It wasn’t like what you think. Everything seemed normal.”

The firefighters took the child and evacuated her from the home, and were able to get Duncan out of the home as well.

While there were no visible signs of a fire from where Duncan and her child were sleeping, above her, an electrical fire had started in the attic of her home.

A neighbor had seen smoke coming from the home and called 911 to report it. According to a report from Campbellsville Fire-Rescue, firefighters immediately noticed smoke coming from the eaves of the house. Unable to get into the home, they forced entry into the residence and removed Duncan and her child. Both were examined at the scene by EMS, but there were no injuries.

Once Duncan and her child were safely evacuated, fire personnel were able to locate and extinguish the fire before it could further spread.

The house sustained moderate damage. Duncan said the damage was extensive enough that they will have to find somewhere else to live.

“You know, it’s not going to be easy being this close to Christmas and trying to find somewhere else to live with four kids, but I am thankful that we are safe and nobody was hurt. That was the most important thing.”

However, she said she is grateful that the situation did not turn out as badly as it could have, and she credited Campbellsville Fire-Rescue officials for their swift response to ensure that she and her child were safe.

“I’m so thankful that they came in and got us out,” Duncan said. “It’s scary to think of how bad that could have been… And I am thankful for the EMS that were there, too. They treated my baby in the ambulance and she was just happy and laughing. They were really good with her, so I am thankful for them. All the emergency services that showed up, they were all calm, they were professional and they made me feel safe. I’m so thankful for all of them.”

According to the CFR report, 17 firefighters responded to the scene and were there for approximately two hours.

Several other agencies responded including Campbellsville-Taylor County EMS, Campbellsville Police, Kentucky Utilities, Atmos Energy, Campbellsville Water Company, and the American Red Cross.

What exactly caused the fire is still unknown, according to CFR Chief Chris Taylor.