CU students continue St. Baldrick's event

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By Zac Oakes



For a while, it seemed as if the annual St. Baldrick’s Shaving for a Cure event would not be taking place in Campbellsville, but a group of Campbellsville University students made sure the tradition continued by organizing and holding the event Saturday afternoon. 

Campbellsville University’s Student Government Association took the lead in organizing the event, led by CU sophomore Rebekah Mobley, an Elizabethtown native. 

“I heard of St. Baldrick’s before, but I had never really participated or attended an event before,” Mobley said. “But one day I was supposed to be studying and I picked up the campus newspaper and was reading about how Coach [Donna] Wise wasn’t doing it this year and they weren’t sure if the community was going to have the event this year.

…That really made me sad. Cancer is something really close to my family and to many others. Everyone probably knows someone who has been affected. I decided I would do it, and the Student Government council decided to help me out, and they have been awesome.”

The personal impact cancer had on the Mobley family led Rebekah to organize this year’s St. Baldrick’s event. Mobley’s sister, Rachel, was diagnosed with cancer while she was a student at Central Hardin High School.

Mobley said it was a rush to get the event organized, as it is usually held in March, but that was around the time she decided to lead a group in putting it together. Mobley said it was around spring break when she decided to begin organizing the event. 

She said she is proud of the way it has came together, and any amount of money raised from the event will be worth it. 

“I feel like it came together really well,” Mobley said. “I’ve been really nervous about it. In the past, they have done really well and had great turnouts. Coach Wise has been awesome in organizing this each year, and so it was definitely big shoes to fill.

At the same time, I feel like if we’re doing it for the right reason, I think that whether we raise $5 or $5 million, it all goes to the same place, and no matter how much is raised, it’ll be more than what was raised if the event didn’t happen… I think it is safe to say the event was a success, just because of the purpose of it.”

Several individuals shaved their heads as a way to raise funds for cancer research. Teams were created to raise money, and the group that took home the award for most funds raised was the “Media Mad Men,” a group consisting of Stan McKinney, Rick Wilson, and Alex Meade.

The trio raised more than $500 total that will go toward cancer research. 

McKinney and Wilson were also recognized for 10 years of participation in the event. 

Several vendors set up at the event to sell different items and many local political candidates set up as well. 

Mobley said she hopes to organize the event the next two years, her junior and senior years of college, and after that, hand it off to someone else.

“Unless Coach Wise wants to take it back over, I can see myself doing this,” Mobley said. “I’ll be Student Government vice president beginning next fall, and the plan would be to be president after that, so with two years left here at Campbellsville, the plan would be to do it for the next two years and then hopefully get some people on council to keep it going after that and learn from our experience each year.”