Community pitching in for safer schools

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For $100, individuals or businesses can "Adopt a Door" at Taylor County Schools

By Zac Oakes


As ideas continue to be discussed about what should be done to strengthen local schools, Taylor County Schools Superintendent Roger Cook has decided to involve the local community in taking a step to strengthen security in each of the district’s four schools.

Cook attended a school safety seminar in Louisville last week, and has decided to purchase expandable doorstops to be placed on each door of an occupied room at each of the schools.

In total, it’s going to cost the district approximately $37,000 to cover nearly 300 doors in the district’s schools. However, to help offset the cost, Cook is reaching out to the community to get involved by pitching in to pay for the doorstops. The doorstops aim to increase security by providing a physical barrier to prevent an intruder from shooting a lock to gain access to a classroom.

Cook presented the idea on his personal Facebook page and on the Taylor County Schools Facebook page. As of Friday morning, Cook confirmed in a phone interview with the Central Kentucky News-Journal that at last count, the district had received 125 donations. The district has determined that they will need 264 of the security devices, slightly less than the original estimate of 300. 

The devices cost approximately $125, according to Cook. He is asking community members and businesses to donate $100 to go toward the cost, and the individual or business’ names can be stenciled on to the doorstop for the donation.

The doorstops are titled the Barracuda Intruder Defense System and were invented by military veteran, Troy Lowe, who now serves as a firefighter and SWAT team member in Ohio. They were developed as a safety device for active shooter situations after Lowe began leading trainings for active shooter situations. The devices work on both inward and outward swinging doors.

The devices can be quickly installed in an emergency scenario, and are easy to place on a door.

To become involved, visit the Taylor County Board of Education Central Office on East Broadway next to Mr. Gatti’s. The process involves filling out a simple form.

To watch a video of how the devices work, visit http://bit.ly/2Dbcf4u on the internet.