CKNJ to publish once weekly

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Newspaper to cease Monday publication after Sept. 25 issue

By The Staff


Change is inevitable. That’s true in everything in life, and the newspaper industry is no different.

That’s why today, the Central Kentucky News-Journal is announcing that it will be adjusting its publication frequency.

The CKNJ currently publishes on Monday and Thursday. On Sept. 25, the paper will publish its final Monday edition, and will publish each Thursday going forward.

The print edition of the CKNJ will continue to be mailed to customers each Thursday morning, as well as appearing in retail stores and news racks around the county as usual.

The decision to make this change is not one that comes easily, but it is necessary. According to CKNJ publisher Jeff Moreland, it was a business decision that will benefit the newspaper in the long run and make it more stable, but it will also benefit the community.

“Given today’s economy, producing two editions of the Central Kentucky News-Journal is no longer a viable option financially. Publishing one issue each week will not only allow us to operate more efficiently, but it will also allow our staff to produce a better newspaper, and that will be a better service to our customers, as well as our community,” Moreland said.

The move will also benefit CKNJ readers and advertisers. No longer will there be a need to choose to purchase one edition or the other if you are not a subscriber. Purchasing one copy of the newspaper will provide a comprehensive look at everything going on in Taylor County. In addition to the print edition, the CKNJ will expand its website and social media presence into that of a daily news source, providing up-to-the minute coverage of events.

For businesses, there will be no need to choose to advertise in one edition or the other and possibly miss part of the audience. With the new weekly format, placing an ad with the CKNJ will reach all readers with one ad campaign, and that will make the paper an even more effective advertising tool.

The CKNJ is owned by Landmark Communications, a Norfolk, Virginia, based company. Landmark’s community newspaper division is headquartered in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Moreland explained that the move does not indicate that the newspaper is in financial peril or in danger of closing its doors.

“Landmark is a privately owned company and does not service debt for its properties, and therefore does not face the struggles of many media companies seen in today’s landscape,” he said. “The CKNJ will continue to serve as Taylor County’s primary source of news and information, and we look forward to better serving our community.”

If you have questions about the changes being made and how they will effect your relationship with the newspaper, feel free to contact the CKNJ at (270) 465-8111 or stop by the office at 200 Albion Way in Campbellsville.