CIS School Resource Officer position approved

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The officer will be in place by the beginning of the school year

By Zac Oakes


In an effort to improve school safety across the district, the Campbellsville Independent School District approved the creation of a school resource officer position. 

The creation of the district SRO has been in the works for a few months, with ongoing discussions between Campbellsville Independent Schools Superintendent Kirby Smith, Campbellsville Police Chief Pat Thompson, and Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young, dating back to late January. 

The Campbellsville City Council voted to approve funding for an SRO for the district at a meeting on May 7. 

The district will fund the officer, outside of the city paying approximately $15,000 a year for the hazardous duty portion of the officer’s pension. The district will be responsible for the officer’s payroll taxes, approved vacation/sick time, and any applicable overtime, as well as health insurance. 

The officer will receive the same hourly pay rate as other officers with Campbellsville Police with the same seniority. 

The officer will be a sworn police officer that will primarily be stationed at Campbellsville High School, but will also have some duties at Campbellsville Middle and Campbellsville Elementary School. 

Not only will the officer be available during normal school hours, but also particular athletic events as determined by the school district and other selected events in which it is determined that an SRO will be needed. 

Other duties, as noted in the official contract between the school district and the city, include but are not limited to: delivering instruction in areas such as law enforcement’s role in society, juvenile and adult criminal justice systems, career opportunities in law enforcement, drug education, gang resistance education and training, conflict resolution, and others.

The officer will be in place and trained by the beginning of the school year. At the May City Council meeting, it was noted that some officers currently on the police force expressed interest in the job, but it is still to be determined if the officer will be a current police officer or a new hire.

Smith received glowing reviews from members of the district’s Board of Education at the board’s regular monthly meeting Monday. 

The board gave Smith a grade of exemplary in each of the seven categories, the highest grade a superintendent can receive. 

“We feel that Mr. Smith has more than met the expectations of the board,” Board Chair Pat Hall said. 

Other board members backed up Hall’s sentiment. 

“I think he’s a great representative for our school and our community,” Board Member Angie Johnson added. “I hear a lot of good comments from people.” 

“I think you may have a clone, because you can’t be everywhere, but you are,” Board Member Barkley Taylor said, stating that she appreciated Smith’s involvement in extracurricular activities in the district and his involvement in the community.

Board Member Mitch Overstreet also had glowing remarks for Smith on his first year as superintendent. 

“I would agree that ‘exemplary’ is a fine way to describe how he has done his first year,” Overstreet said. “I think all of us with the board are so pleased with how your first year has went.” 

Board Vice Chair Suzanne Wilson also agreed with her fellow board members. 

“I agree, I think Mr. Smith has met all of the standards,” Wilson said. “With the capstone and the weekly snapshots he sends out, he’s done a good job of keeping us informed about what is going on.” 

Smith said he wouldn’t be able to do his job without the support system around him. 

“I have had great support,” Smith said. “I’m surrounded by good people.” 


In other news from the meeting: 

• The board noted that school supplies will be free for Campbellsville Elementary School students this year, through the hard work of CES Principal Elisha Rhodes and the CES staff. The board said it will look into some options for Campbellsville Middle and High schools, but as of now, there is nothing in place for free school supplies at CMS and CHS. 

• The school district recently held an active shooter drill in cooperation with the Campbellsville Police Department. Smith said the drill went well and was very informative for school officials. He said he and the principals of each school have recently been working on reevaluating safety protocols and lockdown procedures. 

• The district held the first reading of a policy change that would allow a change that would provide school employees with the option to use three of their 10 sick days as “flex” or “emergency” days. Smith said they have a similar policy at Green County, which allows for some flexibility when employees use all of their personal days but need to take time off when they aren’t sick for whatever reason. 

• The board approved physical therapy and athletic training services with Taylor Regional Hospital.

• The board approved the creation of an assistant track coach at Campbellsville High School. 

• The board also approved the salary schedule for the upcoming year. One notable change was increasing the pay for substitutes with 20+ years of experience to $110 per day, which will make the district more competitive with other nearby school districts. 

• The opening day for teachers is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 7, and the opening day for students is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 8. 


Personnel Report

New Employees— Kayla Bale, CES teacher; Lisa Durham, preschool instructional assistant; Alison Larue, CES teacher; Lori Mitchell, CES instructional assistant; Tesa Novak, preschool instructional assistant

Resigned— Melinda Parrott, adult education instructor; Billi Jo Perkins, board custodian; Jessica Williams, preschool instructional assistant

Retired— Marjorie Edwards, bus monitor

Transfers— Wanda Swafford, CES instructional assistant; Donna White, CES guidance counselor

Other (Non-Renewal)— Judy Cox, CES instructional assistant; Keri Richard, CES teacher


The next meeting of the Campbellsville Independent Schools Board of Education is set for Monday, July 16.