Christmas memories

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By Calen McKinney


'Twas the night before Christmas and my grandmother's house was quiet.

I was tucked safely into the "little" bed I always slept on and my parents and grandparents had settled in for the evening. But I was wide-awake. After all, Santa was on his way.

I guess Santa must have used his magical powers to make me sleep, because I don't remember seeing him that night.

But I seem to remember hearing some rumbling in the kitchen and then someone pass by my bed to go into the living room, where my grandmother's small Christmas tree stood. Lights twinkling, with garland and ornaments hung with care, my grandmother always loved that tree.

Early Christmas morning, I always woke up to find I wasn't the first person to wake. My grandmother was in the kitchen, with an apron on and it already dusted with flour as she made her homemade biscuits.

My mother was dressed and ready, with camera in hand to capture forever the memories of us opening our presents.

But I just couldn't wait. I had to see what Santa had brought us. Sleepy-eyed, with tousled hair, I would make my way into the living room and see what goodies waited. The rest is forever captured in my mother's photos.

While those years are long gone now, I will never forget Christmas morning at my grandmother's house. The presents were nice, but we were all together, and that's what truly mattered.

Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year. People are scrambling to find that perfect gift for each other. Plans are being made to be together and kindness seems to be in the air.

People decorate their homes with twinkle lights and we just enjoy spending time together. We don't do that enough.

People laugh more at this time of year and help each other. We are more generous. We buy presents for those we love and those who might not get presents.

And who wouldn't like a white Christmas? I can't remember the last time that happened though.

This time of year also brings appearances by Santa, and children write their annual letters to him. I don't remember the last one I wrote to him, but I know I always did growing up. I once asked him several questions about how he manages to get around the world in one night. I'm still not sure who answered my letter, but I'm glad they did.

This year, the CKNJ received so many letters to Santa from local children. We at the CKNJ have a close relationship with Santa and have forwarded those letters to him, after we typed and printed them in a special section in today's paper.

So, because I know Santa reads the CKNJ, I will write my letter to him in this space.

Santa, for the children who live in Taylor County, please keep them happy, healthy and safe this year. Let them enjoy their childhood years and continue to believe in you.

For those at Green River Ministries and the Campbellsville/Taylor County Anti-Drug Coalition, Santa, please bring them some money. They provide vital services to our community and can't operate without funds.

For city and county government, Santa, I hope you continue to guide those who make the decisions that impact our residents. Please let them guide us in the right direction.

Santa, I wish for those out of a job to find one.

I wish that happiness would find each and every one of us, and that we never stop believing in you, Santa.

For our emergency services and law enforcement personnel, I wish them to continue to serve Taylor County with pride, integrity and compassion. They are the best around.

For the entire Taylor County community, Santa, bring us a healthy and happy new year, one filled with business and personal success.

And finally, for all people, I hope we know the true reason for the season and don't forget that.

Santa, are you listening?