Campbellsville doesn't need yard sale ordinance

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Should Campbellsville residents be limited when it comes to having yard sales? We don't think so.

While the Campbellsville City Council has been discussing the issue, we can't help but wonder where the real problem lies.

Council members have discussed potential traffic problems, but it seems having police officers ticket those who create the traffic problem would be a better alternative than patrolling yard sales and possibly citing someone over a permit.

The parking problem from a yard sale is no different than potential problems when a resident hosts a get together with family or friends at their home, and then has vehicles parked along the street that could block the road. Either way, the parking is the problem, and not the event that brings it about.

We all know there are more serious crimes to be investigated, and that's where our officers need to be spending their time - keeping our community safe as they currently do.

Yard sales are a way to get rid of some unwanted items around the house, and that's how most people use them. However, there might be others who count more heavily on the extra income to make ends meet. We're not condoning someone having an unlicensed store in their front yard or garage, but in most cases, that's not what yard sales are about.

Perhaps if an ordinance is deemed necessary, it could focus on those who take advantage of the privilege of having a yard sale, rather than making it more difficult for the majority, who simply want to get rid of some stuff they no longer need.

The timing of the issue being tabled is certainly a curious one, especially since we are still a few months away from yard sale season. If it's so important that an ordinance be passed, the Council should go about that business in time to solve the perceived problems that yard sales can bring right away, and not wait until yard sale season is over. We would hate to think it would be a factor in the Council's ability to make a decision, but we can only hope that those elected to do the city's business are not waiting until a more convenient time, such as after a November election.

More government is not what we need as a city, county, state or country. What we need is a more efficient government. So let's allow the police officers to handle their sworn duties, and not have to worry about yard sales.