2018 Election Filings

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Keep checking back on this page for an updated list of the candidates running for election in 2018

By The Staff


Below is the latest list of candidates filing for the 2018 election season. The list below is the most updated list the Central Kentucky News-Journal has received from Taylor County Clerk Mark Carney’s office. Those running as Republicans are marked with an “R” and those running as a Democrat are marked with a “D”.

The last day to file for candidates that must run in a primary in 2018 is Jan. 30 at 4 p.m. Those wishing to vote in the 2018 primary elections must be registered by April 23, 2018. Primary elections will be held May 22, 2018.

This list is updated regularly at www.cknj.com as new filings are released from the clerk’s office.

County Judge-Executive 

Eddie Rogers (D) (Incumbent)

Barry Smith (R)

Mayor (Non-partisan)

Tony Young (Incumbent) 

Steven Seibech

Patricia "Patti" Phillips

Brenda Allen

Sharon Hoskins-Sanders

Roger Robertson

City Council (Non-partisan)

Stan McKinney

Kenneth Anderson 

David Nunery (Incumbent)

Greg Rice (Incumbent) 

Diane Ford-Benningfield (Incumbent)

Henry Goff

James Ewing (Incumbent)

James Southern Jr. 

Ronnie Dooley

Alexander G. Shively (Incumbent)

Cody Drury

Donnie Munford

Jay Eastridge (Incumbent)

Dan Hayes

Faye Howell

Terry Keltner (Incumbent)

Arthur L. Pettigrew Jr. 

Celia Williams

Randall B. "Randy" Herron (Incumbent)

Sarah Wood

Kansas Riley Wolf


Allen Newton (D) (Incumbent)

Shannon Wilson (R)

Taylor County Clerk

Mark Carney (R) (Incumbent)


Eddie "Hack" Marcum (R) (Incumbent)

Nick Alsager (D) 


Daniel Cook (R) (Incumbent)

County Attorney 

John D. Bertram (D) (Incumbent)

County PVA

Chad Shively (D) (Incumbent)

Circuit Clerk

Susie Skaggs (D)

Adam Burress (R)

Jennifer Kirtley Caulk (D)

1st District Magistrate

James Jones (R) (Incumbent)

David Harris (D)

Anthony Hash (R)

1st District Constable

Timothy D. Ferrie (R)

Tony Harris (D)

2nd District Magistrate

John D. Gaines (D) (Incumbent)

Tim Newton (R)

2nd District Constable

Carl Watson (R)

3rd District Magistrate 

Tommy Corbin (R) (Incumbent) 

3rd District Constable

James M. Gaddis (Incumbent)

4th District Magistrate

Zuel Yarberry (R) (Incumbent)

Rick A. Henderson (D)

Terry "T-Bone" Hughes (D) 

4th District Constable

Jason Jeffries (D) (Incumbent)

Donnie Porter (D)

Scott Chelf (D)

5th District Magistrate

Bobby Burress (R)

Derrick Bright (R)

Allen "A.J." Johnson (R)

William R. "Bill" Perkins (D)

Paul Benskin (D)

Adolphus Holland (D)

David Agee (R)

Thomas "Red" Goff (D)

5th District Constable

Allen McDonald (R) (Incumbent)

6th District Magistrate 

Richard Phillips (R) (Incumbent)

Dana Vaughn-Crews (R)

6th District Constable

Rick Reynolds (R) (Incumbent)

County Surveyor

Donald Dabney (D) (Incumbent)

State Senator (16th District) 

Max Wise (R) (Incumbent)

State Representative (51st District)

John "Bam" Carney (R) (Incumbent)

11th District Judge (Non-partisan)

Amy Sullivan Anderson- 1st Division (Incumbent) 

Mike Hall Jr. - 2nd Division

Dawn L. McCauley- 2nd Division

Jude A. Hagan- 2nd Division

Luke Lawless- 2nd Division

Jeremy A. Wood- 2nd Division

Commonwealth's Attorney

Shelly Sprague Miller (D) (Incumbent)

U.S. House of Representatives 1st District

Samuel "Sam" Gaskins (D)

James R. Comer (R) (Incumbent)