Why we celebrate

CKNJ Editorial Board

The past week has been full of celebration. And what a celebration it was.

With perfect weather, thousands of people came to Taylor County last week for our annual Fourth of July celebration.

The events spanned a week, from singings and concerts to parades to games to food to hot air balloons to fireworks.

But throughout the celebration, the feeling that we were all free to enjoy the holiday is one we're sure everyone felt.


Are you in favor of a yard sale ordinance for Campbellsville?

What is your favorite social media website to use?

What will you do with a tax refund if you receive one this year?

How much sleep do you get each night?

Are you in favor of a public smoking ban in Taylor County?

How are you dealing with the extremely cold temperatures?

How do you feel about government bodies making donations to charities and other organizations?

Is the word "like" overused by young people today?

Will the Kentucky State Police drug arrest roundup help take drugs off the street in Taylor County?

The Taylor County Board of Education has voted to levy a "nickel tax." How do you feel about the tax?