Today's Opinions

  • Pausing to remember


    They gathered to remember and say thank you.

    Even in the pouring rain, more people turned out this year than in several past years to attend the community's annual Memorial Day service.

    If you haven't been to the service, I recommend you go next year. Several local dignitaries speak, American Legion members perform a flag ceremony and there are moments of prayer and song. It's a touching ceremony, simply put.

  • Resident wants microphones for fiscal court meetings

    At the last fiscal court meeting Taylor County Judge/Executive [Eddie] Rodgers brought up there was a need for microphones for court members and for persons addressing the court, as they have their back to the audience.

    I attend most of the Fiscal Court meetings, and if it's not real quiet in the courtroom, the magistrates or a person addressing the court don't talk loud enough or their voice just don't carry, it really makes it difficult to hear what is being said.

  • Wise thanks election supporters

    I want to take the time and thank each and every one of you for your help in electing me as your Kentucky state senator-elect for the 16th District.

    I cannot tell you how humbled I am for this opportunity that now lies before me.  I first want to thank God for blessing me in my daily life and I give all glory to him for this victory.

    Campaigning for this race has been the most spiritual, physical and emotional experience of my life and my immediate family's life.

  • True success should be celebrated

    The way I see it, in many ways this country is headed down hill fast; it's in high gear and nobody's touching the brakes.

  • Former CKNJ writer on hand for Holmes' Wells Fargo win


    I would never have dreamed it in 1975, when in the dead of winter, I moved from South Carolina to Campbellsville and rented a farmhouse from Bess and Clement Whitlock.

    But here I was in late April and early May at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, N.C., working as a volunteer - as I have for the past seven years - for the Wells Fargo Championship.

    This year, however, proved to be extra special at the fabulously beautiful and lush green golf course that some say rivals even Augusta National and the Masters as THE tournament on the PGA tour.

  • A dose of reality


    They watched as their friends, one by one, died tragic deaths. And as obituary after obituary was read, the message sunk in.

    Most of the teenagers lost their lives in car crashes, from drinking and driving or texting while behind the wheel. We all know we shouldn't do either, but, for some reason, people still test their limits sometimes.

    And that's why teenagers - and adults - need the message sent at the recent Ghost Out at Campbellsville High School and mock crash at Taylor County High School.

  • McCracken PVA encourages voters to elect Chad Shively

    I am writing this letter on behalf of Chad Shively, PVA. I have been employed in the McCracken County PVA office for the past 37 years and have served as PVA for 21 years. I met Chad several years ago and was immediately impressed with his work ethic and desire to serve Taylor County.

    I supported Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear appointing him last year and have watched the wonderful things that he has accomplished since assuming that position.

  • Fayette PVA encourages voters to elect Chad Shively

    Chad Shively has implemented more innovative solutions and new technologies, in the shortest period of time, than any PVA I've ever seen.

    I have worked with Chad on many occasions and we regularly attend the same continuing education courses, and I have consistently been impressed with his intelligence, hard work and enthusiasm for the job. I have watched him closely over the past year and have been amazed at what good work he's done and how quickly he learned the job.